Our Mission

We are leveraging the technology of blockchain to provide secure data storage for the future tokenization of real-world identities, assets and objects. Our Team believes in building user-centric projects that combine usability and simplicity with state of the art technology.

Founding Members

Dedicated to help people all over the world take control of their data.



Experienced in scaling startups, industry & consulting, Alexandre has a strong love for innovative technologies of any kind and has gathered extensive work experience in the field of marketing and management.



Passionate Tech Head and Digitization Enthusiast. During his studies, he deep-dived into Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology through coding hackathons and theses, and gained in-depth experience in academia as well as industry.


CFO & Co-Tech Lead

Investor and tech enthusiast with vast experience in financial markets. Since the BTC hype in 2017 Lukas is a strong believer in the fundamental technology of blockchain and is convinced that the future of blockchain lies way beyond DeFi applications.

Team & Advisors

Dedicated to help people all over the world take control of their data.

Josh van Etten

With a background in design & marketing, Josh leads multiple design teams across many sectors, primarily in the gaming sector. Having helped launch games like Brawl Stars to over 100 million downloads and $400million in player spend. Over the past few years Josh has helped multiple crypto projects get off the ground reaching a combined market cap of over $350 million and counting.

Nick Blomfield

Nicholas is a forward-thinking senior lawyer with extensive expertise covering funds, start-ups (predominantly fintech and crypto), and banking. He has thorough legal experience from his excellent work at leading investment banks and asset managers, for example as Senior Legal and Compliance Fund Lawyer and Legal and Compliance Counsel at BlackRock.

Raphael Jacobs

Born and raised in Shipping, Raphael worked as a broker and trader in the energy industry. Before leaving the industry and thriving for new challenges, he was a general manager of a SME and collected extensive knowledge and experience with global stakeholders. He is convinced the blockchain adoption is inescapable in the future and his versatile and holistic approach complements the team.


Khalid is a product builder, obsessed with developing user-centric experiences for the digital world. He has contributed to building marketplaces and products such as the largest eCommerce in the Middle East from scratch, scaled a ride-hailing company towards an exit of $3.1B, and built industry-leading next-generation products at Uber Freight and FinTech solutions.


Finn is a serial-entrepreneur and investor focused on emerging blockchain technologies. Known for his creative approach he has created technology ventures valued 8+ figures. With his expertise he has funded and  helped incubate multiple concepts raising millions. He joins the ONINO team as a close advisor.



Project Kick-Off

  • Release of the ONINO Website & Litepaper

  • Start of the initial marketing campaign

  • Private pre-seed sale, private seed sale to our early community members (decentralized private ICO)Public whitelisted pre sale (decentralized semi-private ICO)

  • Public whitelisted pre sale (decentralized semi-private ICO)

  • CertiK security audit for the ONI token


Initial Launch Phase

  • Intensive pre-launch marketing campaign to build a strong community 

  • Public launch of the Binance Smart Chain based ONI token on PancakeSwap (decentralized public ICO)

  • Launch of the staking and LP farming program in the native ONINO Farm


Project Expansion

  • Launch of the ONI token on the Fantom blockchain, including Multichain-Bridge and integration of Fantom into the native ONINO Farm

  • Launch of the ONI token on the first centralized exchange, Hotbit

  • Team Identity Reveal


Dashboard Launch

  • Launch of the community-based beta testing program

  • Launch of the first version of the ONINO Dashboard, including wallet connecting and organizing

  • Global quality marketing for the ONINO Dashboard

  • Continued work on quality partnerships


Dual-Chain Pre-Stage

  • Launch of the Dual-Chain Testnet

  • Intensive community-driven testing

  • Development of the first layer-two applications

  • Expansion of the ONINO Dashboard by further features


Dual-Chain Launch

  • Launch of the Dual-Chain Mainnet

  • Integration of the ONINO Dashboard to the native blockchain & launch of the ONINO wallet

  • Launch of the first layer-two decentralized applications

  • Start of the ONINO Innovation fund to incentivize development in the ONINO ecosystem




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