Contact Book

Manage Your Web3 Contacts and Send Crypto Easily.

Store the wallets you are interacting with in your personal Web3 contact book and send crypto to them easily and securely directly from the app. No more chaos and tedious searching for the right wallet address. Web2-like user experience for the web3.

The Problem

Currently crypto transactions are extremely cumbersome and can't remotely compete with the seamless user experience of modern web2 online banking or payment service providers.

Users have no central place to easily store all the addresses they are interacting with.

“Where did my colleague tell me the wallet address to send money to last week — was it Whatsapp, Telegram, per Mail, or somewhere else entirely? What is my Binance deposit address again, the one with 0x42 at the start?”

ONINO’s Solution

The Contact Book is designed to tackle exactly those usability problems to drive web3 mass adoption.

Store your Web3 contacts and their wallet addresses in a phone-like contact book and send crypto to them easily and securely from within the app with just a few clicks.

Automated notifications inform your contacts about incoming transactions. No more checking your wallets until the transaction arrives, no more sending "I just sent you crypto" texts.

You only need to confirm the transaction with your wallet once - we handle the rest.

Ready for the Future of Sending Crypto?

Handling transactions with ONINO is easy as pie. Just sign up using Email, Github, Google or your Wallet, and manage your web3 contacts and handle the rest on the fly.

Enhance your security and experience while sending crypto assets to your friends and your business partners. Without any effort and free of charge.

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