Manage All Your Web3 Assets in a Single Hub.

Connect all your wallets and exchange accounts to the dashboard to put an end to crypto chaos. Manage all your assets & wallets and keep track of all your transactions, bundled clearly in your single personal web3 cockpit.

The Problem

Many users have accounts spread across multiple blockchains, and across both decentralized non-custodial wallets as well as centralized exchanges.

This makes it difficult up to impossible to keep track of all the wallets you own, the blockchain assets distributed on them and their value development

Another problem are transactions: to keep track of your web3 activities, you have to manually check and aggregate transactions of your different wallets and exchange accounts.

ONINO’s Solution

The ONINO Dashboard is designed to solve all of these usability issues and bringing clarity to the confusing process of managing your crypto assets.

After easily connecting all your wallets and exchange accounts you can organize them your way. Track the value and development of all your investments at one glance.

Keep the overview of all your web3 activities using the transaction overview, bundling all the transactions across all wallets and accounts in a single statement.

The great usability of Web2 Multi-Banking brought to Web3.

Your Personal Web3 Cockpit.

The Only Portfolio App You’ll Need.

Keep the overview of you portfolio balances.

Check you watchlist assets at one glance.

Organize your wallets and exchange accounts your way.

Add names, descriptions, colors, tags, whatever you want. No more crypto chaos. Manage your wallets easily in a single, neat dashboard.

All your crypto transactions, from all your wallets and exchange accounts, bundled in a single, online banking-like transaction overview.

Check your personal asset watchlist at a glance and get notifications for price changes.




The Time Has Come for Web3 Usability.

Managing your Web3 assets with ONINO is easy as pie. Just connect with your first wallet to get started.

The ONINO Dashboard is the next step towards bringing the great user experience of Web2 into Web3.

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