Efficiency, Security,
Data Privacy.

A dual-blockchain to build decentralized apps with secure encrypted data storage. Use your favorite EVM tools to easily develop novel business cases on the ONINO platform.

ONINO Dual-Chain Architecture

Our approach to data security is the innovative Dual-Chain Architecture. It consists of two separate blockchain networks that communicate with each other via modern encryption techniques.

Main Chain

The public main chain is an EVM-compatible, fast, efficient, sustainable, and PoS-based network. It will process transactions, run applications, operate as an index and serve as the entry point into the ONINO Dual-Chain Architecture.

Data Chain

The data chain is an encrypted decentralized sister network that enables the secure hashing and storage of arbitrary data, even sensitive personal data.

This architecture allows the secure decentralized on-chain storage of data without revealing it to every participant in the network.

dApps from all networks can only access encrypted data with the user’s permission. Users have full control of which data they want to share with whom, delivering new levels of data privacy.

We will utilize and recombine state-of-the-art technologies in an innovative way. More technical details on the architecture will follow soon.

ONINO Innovation Fund

At ONINO, we strongly believe in the power of open source and want to incentivize creativity and innovation.

Therefore we will create the ONINO innovation fund which will be used to support innovative layer-2 dApp projects on the ONINO platform.

Developers from all networks can apply with their project ideas and get sponsored by the ONINO innovation fund to kickstart their development. Thereby we want to create a vivid ecosystem of novel dApps with real-world utility. The fund will be fueled by a share of the native ONI token’s transactions fees.

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