One App to Manage Your Digital Identity and Property.

Explore an ecosystem of apps with your ONINO account while keeping full control over your personal data.

Your ONI/ONE Profile

The one secure storage space for your digital identity and all your belongings.

Organize all your coins, tokens and NFTs scattered across different networks in one central place.

Mirror your real-world identity on the ONINO blockchain and use it everywhere in the digital space.

Verified information by ONINO.

Only Use the Essential Data Needed for a Service.

If you want to order a parcel, you can use your ONINO wallet to only provide your address. If you need to verify your age for an online service, then ONINO will only transfer this exact information, not all of your personal data. Never again reveal all your data although only a piece of it is needed.

Your Data Remains Yours

Absolute control over your personal data & minimal data usage. ONINO gives you back the total control over your data. Based on our dual chain architecture:

Store your data on the protected encrypted ONINO data chain.

Process the minimal necessary & encrypted amount of your data through the public chain.

Only use the essential data needed for a service.

The ONE(ONI) Ecosystem

Explore a vibrant ecosystem full of next generation decentralized apps

ONINO is Built to Become an Ecosystem of Multiple Applications.

All apps will be usable in one space, with one login, with the data you wish to store in your ONINO profile. Now let’s take a look at some future business cases.

Business case

Digital Identity

Verify your identity once, store it in your ONINO Wallet and use it everywhere in Web3. Your digital identity.

Business case

Document Verification

Conclude real-world contracts and store every kind of document securely on the ONINO blockchain.

Business case

Digital Twins

Create digital counterparts of any object in the form of a digital twin NFT. Keep everything in your ONINO suite.

Business case

Verified Institutions

As an institution verify your wallet with ONINO. Your users can validate your identity, increasing trust for them.

Business case

Medical Reports

Store your medical data and reports securely and tamper-proof on-chain. You decide who can view your data.

Business case

Decentralized Insurances

Profit from secure, transparent insurance policies mapped on the blockchain as smart contracts.




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