The multi-purpose cross chain metadata registry

A layer-1 information storage solution that connects to any wallet. The simplest solution for your web 3.0 identity.


Metadata registry

ONINO is a layer-1 blockchain cross-chain metadata registry, powered by state-of-the-art technologies for simple scalability, security and ease of use. We provide a simple interface to connect verified data to any wallet and keep track of all your assets scattered across different blockchain networks.

Connected & Secure

Dual-Chain Architecture

The ONINO Dual-Chain Architecture allows you to use any network to associate meta information to your respective wallet in any ecosystem in a decentralized and standardized way. Most importantly it keeps your private data secure. You are in full control over your data, at any time.


Scalable Ecosystem

ONINO's layer one chain will be engineered to be a friendly platform for developers and users. Allowing various web3.0 dApps to be integrated seamless into a secure network. ONINO works with native on-chain dapps but also with dapps on any other chains.

Your decentralized keychain for WEB3.


Overview: Get an overview of all your assets and contracts scattered across different networks in one single dashboard

Identification & Data

Link your personal data securely to any wallet in any network while keeping full control over the flow of the information. Approved data to identify anything in WEB3.

Your digital twin

Connect any asset on any chain to you real world identity.

Partner Network

Partners can scan the binary public ONINO registry chain to utilize the information for extended functionality. Additional data needs the ONINO wallet holder to accept the request.

Dual-Chain Architecture

ONINOs approach to store personal data in a decentralized way and guarantee data security is our so-called Dual-Chain Architecture.

The public Main Chain will process transactions, run applications, operate as an index and serve as the regulating point of entry into ONINO’s data space.

The so-called Data Chain will be a decentralized network that is non-scrapable as well as encrypted.

This allows users to store all kinds of data on-chain without revealing it to every participant in the network.

dApps requesting associated information connected to a wallet will only be able to access the data with the user's permission. Wallet indexes on the main chain will only reveal binary or user-approved data.


ONI Token

The ONI token is the native utility token of the ONINO ecosystem. It is used to fuel the transactions needed to write to and read data from the ONINO blockchain. The token provides utility by enabling the use of the numerous future layer-2 applications in the ONINO ecosystem.

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Use cases





The ONINO ecosystem allows users to easily verify their identity in the digital space. Following a once-only identity verification using state-of-the-art video or bank account identification technology, the user’s identity can be linked to their ONINO wallet and accessed and utilized for verification at any time - with just one click. This minimal barrier to entry allows everybody to join the ONINO ecosystem in the blink of an eye.

Mirroring Assets

In addition to mapping identities into the digital space, ONINO wallets also enable real-world assets and their properties to be represented in the form of NFT-like objects. They can be linked to the owner’s ID on the blockchain using serial numbers,MAC addresses or other identifiers, confidently capturing an asset’s existence and ownership.

Verifying Institutions & Wallets

A rather simple but very important use-case is the verification of wallets. For the future we would like to see something like a blue tag implemented in all mayor wallets that signals the user if a wallet is genuine. Institutions can decide to put their information publicly on the public chain, individuals keep full control.


ONINO allows to verify the actual natural person/entity behind a chosen wallet on request. This allows for an easy to use blockchain contract solution for commercial/business use but also for private use.

Document Verification

With ONINO it will be possible to save uneditable documents of proof on chain, linked to the identity. LinkedIn and other can now scan for those approvals (you have to give them access first) in order to put blue ticks behind your achievements.


The insurance industry is one of the most "middle man" driven business out there. It is also a business that can be beautifully recreated as a decentralised solution. This only works if wallets can connect to metadata/identity.

WEB3 Online Shops, Clubs & Casinos

ONINO will store any kind of metadata. One specific kind is the age of a user. Dapps like a casino on Etherium could request a binary data keypoint to legally operate.

Digital Twin

ONINO will allow users to create a verified digital replica of their natural person to use in WEB3 and the Metaverse.

Certifications & Partners

View our CertiK report

The Team






Being experienced in working in leading roles in start- and scale-ups, this is just one of Alex's most recent projects. He has extensive expertise in marketing, project management and entrepreneurship. Alex is an experienced investor and has gained thorough knowledge about the financial market in the past years. Thriving for challenges and knowledge, Alex never stops studying fascinating technology and promising future topics. He holds a university degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.



Always a true tech head, Kai was ignited with a spark for digital economics, machine learning, and blockchain technologies when he began his university studies. After delving into the mentioned topics through coding hackathons, theses, and in-depth experience in academia as well as industry, he is now working in the field of artificial intelligence and studies blockchain technologies alongside. Being a genuine optimist and philanthropist, Kai is burning to facilitate and enhance the world through digitization and technology, and to create a positive impact on humanity.


CFO & Legal

Ever since the Bitcoin run in 2017 Lukas has been interested in blockchain technology and the possible systems that can be built. With extensive experience in Data Science and programming Lukas knows how to combine technology with financial solutions. Currently working as a professional trader, Lukas believes that the future of blockchain lies way beyond DeFi applications and ONINO is his first step towards building blockchain applications that will impact the future of the space.



With a background in design & marketing, Josh has worked for an award winning design agency helping launch apps like Supercell’s Brawl Stars to over100 million downloads, and $270 million in player spend. Over the past few years, Josh has helped startups build apps and products featured globally.



Nick is a forward thinking senior lawyer with extensive expertise covering funds, start-ups (predominantly fintechs and crypto) and banking. He complements the legal team with experience from BlackRock and extensive market insight from working across the GCC, EMEA, LatAm and APAC.



Finn has worked in startups & venture capital for multiple years. He joined the blockchain space in 2018 being an advisor in multiple successful projects. In 2021 he co-founded a defi startup which currently is one of the top 1000 in the whole space. He also runs an investment company investing in blockchain- and tech companies at an early stage.

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All your questions about ONINO answered.

What is the $ONI Token?

The ONI Token is the native utility token of the ONINO ecosystem. The token will be launched initially on the Binance Smart Chain and migrated to the native ONINO chain in later stages of development.

Are Team & Advisor tokens locked?

Yes, all team and advisor tokens are vested for a full year, and then linearly unvested over two years. For vesting & locking we use Unicrypt.

Will deflationary systems such as a burning mechanism be implemented?

Yes, we will burn 5% of the transaction fees every transaction. (Native use in layer one)

How to purchase the ONI Token?

Currently the only way to purchase the ONI Token is to participate in the Pre Sale through a whitelist spot. In February, we will launch the token on the first decentralised exchange and the token will be publicly tradable. In the next step we will launch on a centralized exchange to allow for a bigger community.

Is the liquidity locked?

Yes, our initial liquidity will be locked for one year.

What is ONINO? What do you mean with ecosystem?

The ONINO Ecosystem is a cross chain metadata registry that will enable you to connect to any wallet and verify information on various networks. The underlying architecture will rely on a dual chain approach to guarantee the safety of sensitive data. While ONINO is a plug in solution for other chains we will incentivise a native ecosystem of layer 2 Dapps on our own chain.

When will the ONINO platform launch?

The first version of the ONINO Platform is expected to launch in Q2-Q3 2022. A full launch will not be expected before 2023, as the development of a dual layer one is highly complex.

Will ONINO partner with companies to provide additional value to the ecosystem?

During development ONINO will work closely with producing and consumer-based companies. This way, the ONINO layer-1 solution will directly be usable for companies, and also layer-2 solutions can be easily implemented by third parties.

Can I use existing wallets to connect to the ONINO Ecosystem?

Yes. You will need a ONINO wallet but all your existing wallets will eventually be able to be connected to the ONINO wallet and therefore connected to the ONINO ecosystem.

Will ONINO work together with exchanges and regulators?

The team is looking to solve a base layer problem, opening up the the space for more applications and usecases. We expect to gain the interest of the big players and regulators.

What is the pre Sale?

The pre Sale gives whitelisted users the possibility to participate and buy the ONI Token ahead of launch. 8% of the ONI Token supply will be sold. Participation limit per Person will be 1-2 BNB (depending on BNB price at the day of the sale).

When is the pre Sale?

The pre Sale will be held on 8th of January 2022.

How do I participate in the Pre Sale?

To participate in the Pre Sale you must be on the whitelist. Further details here.

What is the Seed Sale? Are Seed Sale Tokens locked?

The Seed Sale is only open for certain early backers of the project. Collected funds will be used for marketing, our websites and the development of the ONINO platform. Seed Sale Tokens will be partially vested. 50% will be unlocked in February when the token is launched on the first exchange. The other 50% will be unlocked 4 weeks later.

When will the token be tradeable for the public?

We plan to launch first exchanges in February. The Token will be launched on additional decentralized and centralized exchanges during Q1 and Q2 2022.

What distinguishes ONINOs platform from its competitors?

There are various projects out there that focus on blockchain KYC or storage of personal data on the blockchain. Other than ONINOs approach the solutions either operate on semi-decentralized networks or are bound to one underlying network.ONINOs approach to verifying and storing personal data is unique. Its dual chain architecture combined with easy to access implementations for dApps will allow seamless user experience for everyday users as well as third party developers. ONINOs identity verification will be conducted through the interconnected ONINO wallet and can be applied to different Applications and wallets on various networks. Allowing the user to stick with their original network while still getting the pros of easy-to-use identification and metadata storage. ONINO provides an easy and holistic approach.

Will the team reveal their Identities? Where will the company be incorporated?

The Team will reveal their identities together with the official company in Germany just weeks after the Launch of the token on a DEX.

Is the project affiliated with LIQUIDUS?

One of our advisors is a member of the Liquidus team. He is helping the team with providing knowledge from a successful launch and project. He supports the project with by connecting the team with proven models and their connections in the industry. At the time of writing there is no partnership between the two projects, neither are the teams in communication with each-other.

What benefit do I have by holding ONI tokens?

As the platform and chain takes a certain time to be developed we will incentivise our community by providing an opportunity to be rewarded for holding the token ("Farm"). When the product starts rolling out the token will be used as the native utility token. This will create demand for the token.

Why are you launching on BSC and not on Etherium?

A launch on BSC allows us to fund the project with a high number of small retail investors because of the low transaction fees. Getting in retail investors from the beginning is a very genuine approach because it helps the project to build a community but also helps the community to profit in the future when "big money" jumps in. We strive for a win-win situation.


Total supply
Staking Rewards
Innovation Fund
Innovation Fund
Cross Chain Liquidity
Liquidity Mining
Initial Liquidity
Pre Seed Round
Seed Round
Public Sale
Team - 12%
Fully locked for 1 year, subsequently linear unlocking over 2 years
Advisors - 8%
Fully locked for 1 year, subsequently linear unlocking over 2 years
Development - 5%
Fully locked for 1 year, subsequently linear unlocking over 2 years
Pre Seed Round - 1%
Initial funding for Litepaper, Marketing, Design, Development & Website. Locked until Public Sale is concluded.
Seed Round - 4%
Locked until public sale is concluded.
Pre Sale - 8%
Locked until public sale is concluded.
Public Sale - 20%
Locked. Will be used for future fund raising in favour of the project and its token holders.
Initial Liquidity - 2%
Unlocked after public sale. Providing token liquidity to the market.
Airdrops - 2%
20% unlocked after first release of the ONINO app to promote the ecosystem and incentivise early users. Subsequently, 5% unlocked every month.
Liquidity Mining - 15%
Used for farming initiatives to reward liquidity miners.
Cross Chain Liquidity - 7%
Unlock 20% per blockchain after the development stagereaches compatibility level.
Innovation Fund - 2%
20% Unlocked after first release of the ONINO app, then distributed on demand
Staking Rewards - 14%
20% unlocked after first token release, then demand-drivenunlocking to incentivize staking.


  • Release of Litepaper and Project Documentation

  • Official launch of funding and project development

  • Initial marketing campaign

  • Private Sale to our community members (Decentralized private ICO)

  • Limited private Pre Sale (Decentralized private ICO)

  • CertiK security audit for the ONI token

  • Intensive marketing campaign to build a strong community

  • Start of liquidity mining program of ONI tokens ("Farm")

  • Strategic sale of a well-known and launch on reputable decentralized exchanges (DEX)

  • Release of partnerships with established crypto ecosystems

  • Token launch on multiple decentralized exchanges on multiple chains.

  • Token launch on multiple centralized exchanges. (CEXs)

  • Team identity reveal & company incorporation announcement (Germany)

  • Rollout of the WalletConnect feature

  • Initial setup of the Dual-Chain Architecture

  • Release first version of the web app wallet with basic functionalities

  • Linking to different chains (gradual increasing)

  • Release of our "Asset Overview" feature

  • Release of our “Proof of Identity” feature

  • Security audit for the Dual-Chain Architecture and ONINO Wallet

  • Start of a bi-weekly newsletter to keep the ONINO community updated on the team’s progress and the most interesting new projects and strategies.

  • Further VC Investment Rounds & public token sales

  • Releasing further use cases, based on a ranking carried out by the ONINO community

  • Start of Affiliate and Referral Program for ONINO

  • Creation of educational content for our ONINO users

  • Implementation of community based feedback loops for ONINO’s development

  • Release of mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • Promoting our Apps with Google Ads & Apple Search Ads

  • Promotion on Facebook and Instagram for the ONINO App

  • Partnerships with the biggest projects and regulators.

  • Commercial licenses

  • Incentive Program for third party applications on the ONINO Ecosystem

  • First Sales and Support employees to ensure a perfect customer experience

  • Heavy advertising for the ONINO App


And beyond...

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