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Modular Blockchain Platform

Find and build your business case using our extensive template library and AI-powered Smart Contract Assistant. Deploy your solution to the ONINO Blockchain our your own custom Sub-Blockchain - and integrate it in your existing code in minutes.

Tokenization & Launchpad

We help start-ups, enterprises and institutions to tokenize assets and value streams. From ideation, to community building, to token-based crowdfunding and implementation on the ONINO Blockchain: we have you covered.

Blockchain Solutions

Tailor-made blockchain solutions to streamline your business. From ideation to go-live, ONINO develops customized solutions for your specific business needs that add value and innovation.

Your blockchain MVP is closer than you think.

Business Case Examples


Unlock new investment opportunities with ONINO. Enable your company or bank to tokenize assets, easily offering customers innovative, sustainable investment options with enhanced regulatory compliance and transparency.

Supply Chain Transparency

Elevate your manufacturing process with ONINO blockchain. Achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility through a shared, single source of truth, ensuring authenticity and efficient recalls, all while streamlining regulatory compliance.

Real Estate
Digital Twins

Transform property management with ONINO. Create digital twins for properties, ensuring seamless access to up-to-date documentation for sales, repairs, and upgrades, enhancing service offerings and customer engagement.

Supply Chain for Pharma

Streamline pharmaceutical supply chains with ONINO. Ensure drug authenticity and track distribution from manufacturer to consumer, enhancing safety and regulatory compliance.

Automated Insurance

Revolutionize insurance claims with ONINO's smart contract technology. Automate claims processing for efficiency and fraud prevention, elevating customer trust and operational transparency.

Digital Identity Management

Streamline customer verification processes using ONINO's blockchain solutions. Ensure secure, quick, and compliant digital identity management, enhancing user experience in fintech and beyond.

Business Case Example

Verified Addresses

We want to increase trust & security in the blockchain space.

As a company or an institution, you will be able to easily verify your wallet with ONINO and store your associated information publicly on the Dual-Chain.

This increases trust as users are not sending crypto to a cryptic wallet address, but can clearly see at a glance who they are interacting with.

As a user, save your preferred wallets, trust the Verified by ONINO wallets and finally enjoy the safety and trust in the blockchain space.

Business Case Example

Document Verification

Digitize, validate and store any kind of real-world documents in your ONINO wallet. Conclude & verify contracts and their terms, between companies or individuals, in a transparent, decentralized, and fraud-proof manner. 

Create and transfer documents like job references or education certificates on the blockchain to bring back trust to resumes. 

Personal documents such as IDs, driver's licenses, and birth and marriage certificates can be securely stored on the ONINO blockchain and used everywhere. Secured and verified by blockchain technology.

Business Case Example

Decentralized Insurances

Represent real-world identities through verified ONINO wallets. The ONINO ecosystem allows the creation of secure, transparent and trustworthy insurance systems as layer-two applications on the ONINO blockchain.

Map insurance policies as secure smart contracts onto the ONINO blockchain and verify policyholder identities on the decentralized network to prevent insurance and identity fraud.

Mirroring real-world assets into ONINO digital twins and linking them to ONINO identities enables insurance providers to insure every item transparently based on the secure tamper-proof ONINO blockchain.

Business Case Example

Digital Identity

Easily bring your real-world identity into the digital space. Following a once-only identity verification using state-of-the-art video or bank account identification technology, your real-world identity can be securely stored on the encrypted ONINO Blockchain, linked to your ONINO Dashboard and your wallets, and used everywhere on the web3 to identify yourself. All while keeping you in full control of your data - you decide who can access your data and for what purposes.

Creating trusted digital identities fuels a vast spectrum of use cases such as proof of age for online purchases, trustworthy and secure proof of identity when creating bank accounts, requesting insurance or bank loans, applying for jobs, or even for official matters.

As the ecosystem grows, it will be possible to use your ONINO wallet to identify yourself in an ever-increasing number of places.

Business Case Example

Medical Reports

Easily share and access your medical data & documents through our decentralized & encrypted data storage system.

Your data will remain yours and will only be accessible to physicians and organizations of your choice.

Retain full control over your medical data at any moment. Easily ensure that only qualified staff gets access to your data.

Business Case Example

Digital Twins

Create digital counterparts of any object in the form of a digital twin.

Ranging from day-to-day objects to complex products like entire cars, the ONINO platform allows you to mirror anything you can think about into the digital world. The applications are countless and provide significant utility in B2B, B2C, and C2C scenarios.

Imagine buying a new car, a smartphone, a watch, a piece from a drop of a limited designer clothing collection, or any other asset - and additionally receiving an NFT counterpart representing your real-world purchase. You could add it to your wallet and link it permanently to your identity with ONINO with just one click. Keep everything in your personal ONINO suite. Never worry about counterfeiting or theft again.

When an asset is to be sold to another owner, its NFT representation can be easily transferred between the seller’s and buyer’s ONINO wallets, mirroring the transfer of ownership securely, immutably, and fraud-proof on-chain. These on-chain transfer protocols, linked to entities on the blockchain, also enable the creation of a tamper-proof ownership history for each asset.

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