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Transformative Tokenization Solutions.

Tokenization of every value stream or asset, made accessible for every company - from start-ups to banks and institutions.

Flexible Tokenization

Whether it's token-based crowdfunding for startups or asset tokenization for banks and companies - experience the flexibility of our tokenization services.

Streamlined Process

Our platform simplifies tokenization. From asset selection to token issuance, we make the journey smooth and efficient - without the need for an entire blockchain team.

Broad Applications

Ideal for a variety of uses, from tokenizing solar parks to implementing token-based loyalty programs, our service adapts to your specific needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the complexities of asset tokenization with our compliant framework, ensuring security and trust for all stakeholders.

Redefining Value in the Digital Age

Navigate the Path from Asset to Token with Ease and Expertise

step 1

Concept and Strategy

Customized Tokenization Approaches for Each Objective

Collaborate with us to define your tokenization strategy, ensuring clear alignment with your specific business goals and market demands.

Strategic Planning
Market Segmentation
Vision Alignment
step 2

Technical Development

Building the Tokenization Infrastructure

Develop and test the technical infrastructure for your tokenization project, leveraging ONINO's robust platform for secure and efficient token issuance.

Infrastructure Setup
Token Creation
Technical Testing
step 3

Launch and Distribution

Efficient Token Issuance and Distribution

Seamlessly launch your tokens, whether for crowdfunding or asset tokenization, ensuring wide distribution and accessibility to your target audience.

Token Launch
Distribution Strategy
Market Accessibility
step 4

Post-Launch Support

Ongoing Guidance and Optimization

Benefit from our continuous support post-launch, ensuring long-term success and adaptability of your tokenization project in an evolving market.

Continued Assistance
Market Adaptation
Long-Term Success Planning
what can TOKENIZATION do for me?

Business Case Examples

Tokenized Fundraising

Use the power of blockchain for your startup with ONINO's tokenization platform. Build a community or raise funds by launching a token-based crowdfunding campaign. This innovative approach will not only help you raise capital at an early stage, but also build a loyal customer base that will fuel your startup's growth and market presence.

Banks & financial Services
Asset Tokenization

Revolutionize asset management in banking with ONINO. Enable the tokenization of assets such as real estate projects and offer your clients new, diversified investment opportunities. This digital transformation simplifies the transfer of assets, improves liquidity and provides a transparent, secure ledger that complies with evolving regulatory standards.

Equipment Tokenization

Transform the industrial sector with ONINO's blockchain solutions. Tokenize high-value assets to enable partial ownership, leasing or sharing. This approach optimizes asset usage, opens up new revenue streams and creates a transparent record of asset usage, maintenance and history to ensure accountability and efficiency - throughout your entire process chain.

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We're passionate about our technology and would love to work with you. Let's combine your know-how with our technology and tokenize your vision!

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