Terms and Conditions.

Last Updated: 17 August 2022
Copyright ©2023 ONINO UG (haftungsbeschränkt). All rights are reserved.

These are the Terms and Conditions for products and services of ONINO UG (haftungsbeschränkt), in the following referred to as "ONINO". You must read and understand these terms, by purchasing or using any Products and Services from ONINO you agree to adhere to these Terms and Conditions and the ONINO policies.

Risk Warnings

The ONI token, currently issued on the BNB Smart Chain, is intended to serve as a preliminary token until the launch of our proprietary blockchain network. In its present state, ONI token holders may participate in our preliminary "ONINO Farms" as a means of familiarizing themselves with the staking process, receiving staking rewards, and serving as a "Pre Validator Staking Registration Network." This preliminary phase is designed to help support token holders in accumulating the necessary amount of tokens needed for staking on the launched network, ultimately fostering true decentralization by enabling a greater number of individual people to become network validators. It is crucial to understand that this preliminary staking mechanism is solely designed as a precursor to the genuine, native staking that will be implemented upon the successful deployment of our own network. Once the network is operational, the ONI tokens will be migrated to the ONINO blockchain, where they will serve as the native tokens and support network stability through native staking. We strongly emphasize that the current mechanism is solely an interim measure, leading directly to the fully functional network-perpetuating staking.

Before using the farming and staking function on the ONINO platform, please ensure that you fully understand how the process works. If you select to lock your ONI tokens for Staking Rewards, you will not be able to unlock, access, redeem, trade or otherwise until the entire Vesting Period expires.

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