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Last Updated: 21 September 2022
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These Onino Token Terms and Conditions refer to ONINO UG (Haftungsbeschränkt), in the following referred to as "Onino". They outline the rights, obligations, and advantages that users and holders of the Onino tokens (“ONI”) can participate in from time to time. These Token Terms and Conditions should be read along with the Onino Whitepaper and Onino policies (including the Terms and Conditions of Products and Services, Risk Disclaimer, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy). You must familiarize yourself with all policies and procedures before participating in Onino Products and Services or using the Onino platform or ONI. Onino is the trading name of ONINO UG (haftungsbeschränkt) which is a blockchain development company incorporated and located in Germany under company number: HRB 743846. ONINO UG applied for registration on 21 December 2021 with full registration being completed on 10 May 2022. Onino provides technology aimed at mitigating risk, increasing transparency and delivering use cases for blockchain and cryptocurrency. The native Onino token (“ONI”) was issued in Germany and may be obtained from exchanges from jurisdictions that are low or medium risk and have not banned or prohibited cryptocurrency. Full details about the Onino team and advisor details and profile can be found on the Onino team website.

ONINO Risk Disclaimer

Onino is building a next generation distributed ledger technology platform that combines blockchain technology, directed acyclic graph technology and other recent research results on applied cryptography. The goal of the platform is to solve the blockchain trilemma and tackle the problems of current distributed ledger technology such as pseudo-anonymity and lack of trustworthy on-chain identity. It is built to provide privacy and identity by design, and is focussed on enabling the mass adoption and large-scale application of decentralized technologies for real-world business use cases that are hindered by the current state of technology’s drawbacks. Next to building this novel technology platform, in the short-term, Onino is developing several customer-facing web3 applications that tackle further shortcomings of current DLT, such as Security and Usability.

The Onino token enables holders to utilize (gas fees) the Onino platform, products and services. The initial coin offering (ICO) generated some foundation value with which the team has been able to develop and shape Onino and the Onino products and services. It has been the seed that has allowed the vision to become reality and push the boundaries of technology advancement.

• The ONI was issued to the public through the ICO in jurisdictions where cryptocurrency is not banned or prohibited (some jurisdictions were banned due to their categorization as high-risk).

•The maximum supply is 100,000,000 tokens with a current circulating supply of 20,452,147.78.

•There are currently no imminent plans to do any further ONI issuances, however, this may change from time to time as the project needs move forward.

•The public issuance of the ONI allowed participants to swap other cryptocurrency on Pancake swap in exchange for the ONI. Holders were then able to place their ONI into staking pools, called the "ONINO Farms", for various periods ranging from 1 month to 1 year in return for a staking reward in ONI token. Subsequently, the Onino team has launched liquidity pools which allow to provision liquidity to enable the ONI token to be bridged with BNB.

• The ONI token, currently issued on the BNB Smart Chain, is intended to serve as a preliminary token until the launch of our proprietary blockchain network. In its present state, ONI token holders may participate in our preliminary "ONINO Farms" as a means of familiarizing themselves with the staking process, receiving staking rewards, and serving as a "Pre Validator Staking Registration Network." This preliminary phase is designed to help support token holders in accumulating the necessary amount of tokens needed for staking on the launched network, ultimately fostering true decentralization by enabling a greater number of individual people to become network validators. It is crucial to understand that this preliminary staking mechanism is solely designed as a precursor to the genuine, native staking that will be implemented upon the successful deployment of our own network. Once the network is operational, the ONI tokens will be migrated to the ONINO blockchain, where they will serve as the native tokens and support network stability through native staking. We strongly emphasize that the current mechanism is solely an interim measure, leading directly to the fully functional network-perpetuating staking.

•The laws applicable to the ONI on issuance and subsequently the laws of Germany.

For more information about Onino, our roadmap and vision, please read our detailed Whitepaper. Please note that while we intend to keep the Whitepaper accurate, complete and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee this and the Whitepaper is only intended and to be used for informative purposes; the rights, obligations and claims represented, conferred and/or granted by the Onino Tokens are exclusively and solely set out in a legally binding manner in these Terms and Conditions.

Holders of ONI shall be entitled to certain rights and advantages once the Onino blockchain is fully launched and will be able to access and utilize Onino products and services as may be added and amended from time to time by virtue of holding and/or redeeming ONI. Holders of the Onino token will have the right to use the platform, products and services. Only holders of the ONI may use the platform, specifically because the platform requires ONI to fund the gas fee. It is not envisaged that ONI will be used anywhere other than on the Onino platform and in relation to Onino products and services. ONI is freely transferable between agreeable users, may be swapped on qualifying exchanges and used freely on the Onino platform to enable and take advantage of the products and services. The ONI therefore has multiple uses on the platform including being used to pay gas fees (for transactions or using the Onino products and services, sending transactions, using the network and staking the token for contributing to the network). The only restriction with the freely transferable nature of ONI on the Onino platform is temporarily where the ONI is staked; in such as case, the ONI is locked up for defined periods as determined by the user/holder of the ONI, in exchange for a staking reward.

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