Announcement: The ONINO Dashboard open beta is out now!

Unlocking the Full Potential of Blockchain.

ONINO Is Building a Scalable Network and Products That Make Decentralized Technology Universally Accessible for Industry Companies and End-Users .

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Distributed Ledger Technology for the Real World: Making the Unused Potential a Reality.

We Create a Platform for Building Value-Creating Decentralized Solutions for Companies and End Users.

Secure Distributed Ledger, Immutable Yet Interoperable

We believe that the future will not be running on one network, but on multiple networks. Our protocol is built to be compatible with any layer 1, and mitigate the risks of cross-chain bridges. For unseen applications of decentralized technology.

Use Cases

Verified Institutions

As an institution verify your wallet with ONINO. Your users can validate your identity, increasing trust for them.

Document Verification

Conclude real-world contracts and store every kind of document securely on the ONINO blockchain.

Decentralized Insurances

Profit from secure, transparent insurance policies mapped on the blockchain as smart contracts.

Digital Identity

Verify your identity once, store it in your ONINO Wallet and use it everywhere in Web3. Your Digital Identity.

Medical Reports

Store your medical data and reports securely and tamper-proof on-chain. You decide who can view your data.

Digital Twins

Create digital counterparts of any object in the form of a digital twin NFT. Keep everything in your ONINO suite.

Designed for you.As simple as it can get.

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Designed for building.Start, build, scale.

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Designed for everyone.Optimized for large-scale use cases.

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