Our Mission

We build a DAG-Blockchain-Hybrid providing true privacy & identity, enabling applications with real utility, and unlocking a new era of the Internet. Our team believes in building user-centric projects that combine usability and simplicity with state-of-the-art technology.

Founding Members

Dedicated to enabling blockchain adoption.

Kai Firschau

Co-Founder & CPO

Passionate tech head and digitization enthusiast. During his studies, he deep-dived into Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology through coding hackathons and theses, and gained in-depth experience in academia as well as industry.

Lukas Wipf

Co-Founder & CTO

Investor and tech enthusiast with vast experience in financial markets. Since the BTC hype in 2017 Lukas is a strong believer in the fundamental technology of blockchain and is convinced that the future of blockchain lies way beyond DeFi applications.

Alexandre Lehr

Co-Founder & CEO

Experienced in scaling startups, industry & consulting, Alexandre has a strong love for innovative technologies of any kind and has gathered extensive work experience in the field of marketing and management.


Dedicated to enabling blockchain adoption.

Raphael Jacobs

Born and raised in shipping, Raphael worked as a broker and trader in the energy industry. Before leaving the industry and thriving for new challenges, he was a general manager of a SME and collected extensive knowledge and experience with global stakeholders. His versatile and holistic approach complements the team.

Christopher Wölfle

Always passionate about IT, Christopher started his developer career in his early youth. Since then he collected various development experience in industry-leading companies such as IONOS, Daimler and as a research assistant at Karlsruhe Institute for Technology.

Erdal Oylupınar

Ex F&B Manager with multi-facetted experience from companies across the globe. Since the start of his developer career, he is passionate about decentralized systems, smart contracts and creating user-friendly web3 applications.

Dr. Biyan Mienert

Biyan is an esteemed attorney specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2016. As General Counsel of LUKSO and lecturer at two universities, Dr. Mienert's expertise spans DAOs, NFTs, Web3, and token offerings. His groundbreaking doctoral thesis established a legal framework for DAOs, and he actively collaborates with policy working groups on potential regulations.

Nick Blomfield

Nicholas is a forward-thinking senior lawyer with extensive expertise covering funds, start-ups (predominantly fintech and crypto), and banking. He has thorough legal experience from his excellent work at leading investment banks and asset managers, for example as Senior Legal and Compliance Fund Lawyer and Legal and Compliance Counsel at BlackRock.

Finn Lauppert von Peharnik

Finn is a serial-entrepreneur and investor focused on emerging blockchain technologies. Known for his creative approach he has created technology ventures valued 8+ figures. With his expertise he has funded and helped incubate multiple concepts raising millions.

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