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March 1, 2024

Bitmart Listing Announcement

The ONINO team has announced the upcoming listing of their ONI token on Bitmart, set for March 6, 2024, after a community poll favored the exchange. This marks a significant step for ONINO to enhance their brand and ecosystem, aiming for sustainable growth by focusing on technology, token economy, and community engagement.

Bitmart Listing Announcement

Already teased early this year and now the time has finally come!

The ONI token will be listed on Bitmart on 6 March 2024.

This is a significant milestone for ONINO, allowing us to further grow our brand, ecosystem and the accessibility of our native utility token to be integrated into our native blockchain.

Why Bitmart?

In January we made a poll in our community, where the Bitmart exchange won the poll with 44% of votes (followed by MEXC).

Additionally, we discussed our exchange listing strategy and possible exposure to different demographies and concluded that Bitmart is a great initial step to start. With almost 10 million monthly users and recent monthly volumes north of 2 billion USD Bitmart shows impressive numbers for any exchange.

More details on the exact technicalities of the Listing will follow in another upcoming post.

Setting up our Brand for Sustainable Growth

As you know, we have been working hard to put ONINO in a position where we can grow our business in a sustainable and healthy way. Building a blockchain business is in many ways no different from building a normal startup, but there are some key factors that differentiate us from traditional companies:

  • Technology
  • Token Economy and Incentives
  • Community

While much of our focus has been on building our protocol and a vibrant community of loyal supporters, designing a sustainable economic model for the ONI token has been a key focus for the team in recent months. As with most other blockchains, the native utility token is critical to securing the network and allowing people to use it (transaction fees). Therefore, we have been working with our partners on a strategic roadmap to increase the availability and liquidity of our native blockchain, and ultimately to enable its integration with various outlets. This also includes ensuring that everything is compliant with regulatory requirements.

We plan to grow our user base gradually and this will involve a number of steps, such as targeted marketing, partnerships, grants, improvements to our developer-focused tools, and more to come with the launch of our main network.

We value our community, appreciate all your feedback and take it into account when making decisions. You can look forward to the release of our "$ONI - Token Economic and Mechanism Design" paper, which will also include long-awaited updates and descriptions of the core economics and game theory behind the ONINO network, subchains and validators.

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