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December 1, 2023

Business Angel Bernd Vermaaten

ONINO has announced the first of its four business angels, Bernd Vermaaten, who was chosen due to his expertise and network. ONINO secured funding from a German program for innovative companies and chose business angels who complement their areas of expertise, with a focus on personal connections and values.

Business Angel Bernd Vermaaten

Today, we’re happy to announce our business angels.
Bernd Vermaaten will be the first of our four business angels to be announced.

First, let’s cover why we have business angels in the first place:

We secured a German funding program in which business angels and a state-owned bank come together to fund the most innovative and promising companies. ONINO was chosen for this program.

What do the business angels do at ONINO?

In our selection process for suitable business angels, we searched and selected very carefully. The business angels complement ONINO in areas of expertise that ONINO still has to develop further. They are specialists in their respective fields and have a major network of valuable connections.

The combination of impressive know-how, their network and — maybe most importantly, the personal connection and same values, were very important to us.

And in the end, we had to convince each business angels of ONINO — which we succeeded with 💪🏼

Who is Bernd Vermaaten

Bernd Vermaaten, CEO of Solute GmbH, an e-commerce service provider for 20 years, which among other things operates He is also a commercial judge at Landgericht Karlsruhe, a member of the IHK general assembly Karlsruhe, a founding member of the business angel club “PALATINA Business Angels Rhein-Neckar e.V.” and much more.

“With more than 20 years of experience in the finance and digital environment, what excites me as a business angel at Onino is the novelty and innovation in dealing with blockchain. I am particularly driven by innovation, strong teams, and potentially exciting business models, but at the core I invest in the team monetarily, with know-how and my network.” — Bernd Vermaaten

Why did we choose Bernd?

First of all, Bernd is a person we greatly appreciated working with right from the start. He brings experience to the team that greatly complements what ONINO can offer. This makes Bernd a perfect addition to the ONINO team with his experience, creativity, and the power of his network.

We want to welcome Bernd to team ONINO and thank him for his trust! We’re looking forward to our journey with you, Bernd!

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