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March 27, 2024

New Blockexplorer Released

We are excited to announce the update of our Block Explorer.

New Blockexplorer Released

Greetings ONINO Community,

We're thrilled to invite you to visit our updated block explorer on

Building on our promise to enhance user experience and provide comprehensive insights into the ONINO network, we proudly present the much-anticipated upgrade to our Blockchain Explorer.

Initially launched to offer basic insights into our network's operations, the explorer has evolved significantly. As we onboard our customers and increase our partnership efforts with web3 native companies we have received much feedback, the call for a more sophisticated, user-centric tool became clear. This update is not just an upgrade; it's a complete overhaul designed to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our community, especially as we pave the way for our future SubChains which will all be accessible in one tool.

New Features and Enhanced Capabilities:

User Interface Overhaul:We've reimagined the Explorer from the ground up, focusing on clarity and ease of use. The new design improves navigation, making it effortless to find transaction histories, block details, and wallet information. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about making the ONINO ecosystem accessible to everyone, whether you're a blockchain veteran or a curious newcomer.

Comprehensive Analytics:The revamped analytics page goes beyond mere statistics. It's crafted to provide a deep dive into the ONINO network's performance, offering insights into daily transaction volumes, gas prices, and much more. This tool is invaluable for developers aiming to make informed decisions within the ONINO landscape.

Token Exploration Made Simple:Discover and interact with every token within the ONINO network through our new token page. Each listing is detailed with essential information, improving the process for developers and users alike. Adding test tokens to your MetaMask wallet is now just a click away.

Insight into Top Accounts:Transparency is at the core of blockchain technology. Our Top Accounts feature sheds light on the network's key players, offering a transparent view of token distribution and activity levels.

Enhanced Smart Contract Tools:Trust and security are paramount. Our upgraded smart contract verification tools bolster confidence in the applications built on the ONINO network, fostering a secure and trustworthy environment for all users.

REST API – A Developer's Dream:Tailored for innovation, the Block Explorer REST API equips developers with extensive documentation and a wide range of endpoints for deep integration with the ONINO network. This toolkit is designed to accelerate the development of dApps, wallets, and services, enhancing the overall ONINO experience.

This upgrade is a collaborative triumph, made possible by the dedicated efforts of the BlockScout team and input from our community. As we step into this new chapter of transparency, we invite you to explore the upgraded Explorer and share your thoughts. Your feedback is crucial as we continue to refine and expand our offerings.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. Together, we are not just building a platform; we are shaping the future of blockchain accessibility and utility.

Best Regards,The ONINO Team

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