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February 12, 2024

ONINO Ambassador Program Announcement

Join the ONINO Ambassador Program and help expand our blockchain technology community through content creation and education. Get exclusive access to the latest ONINO features, develop new products, and engage directly with team ONINO.

ONINO Ambassador Program Announcement

ONINO is finally launching the highly anticipated Ambassador Program. You’ve been asking for it, and here it is!

What is the ONINO Ambassador Program?

The ONINO Ambassador Program has the goal to grow ONINO’s reach all while giving back to the ones that help us doing so. It’s about building long lasting partnerships and helping each other grow along the way.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for creators to help us grow ONINO. We’re not focussing on anything specific here - whether you’re an opinion leader on twitter, have a blog, are a TikTok or Instagram creator, create videos on YouTube or anything else - we’d be happy to work with you if our visions align.

ONINO has always been about creating real value and making blockchain more accessible. We do this through our products, the ONINO Blockchain, the ONINO Cloud Platform, the ONINO Dashboard, the ONINO Launchpad and much more!

In the ever-evolving world of digital technology, ONINO was created with a clear vision: to simplify the complex, connect the old with the new, and empower every business, large and small, with the revolutionary possibilities of blockchain. We are more than just a blockchain and a cloud platform; we are a community, a think tank, and your trusted partner on the path to decentralized technology.

If you are an outstanding creator, a specialist of your field, a thought leader - we would be happy to work with you!

Why become an ambassador?

Joining us as an ambassador allows you to collaborate with a company that's dedicated to creating real value, helping businesses and individuals prosper, and producing cutting-edge technology.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Exclusive access to upcoming ONINO features, events, webinars and much more
  • Early access to the latest & greatest ONINO news
  • You will be able to help us create and develop new products
  • Direct communication with team ONINO
  • exclusive educational content and live calls

What we expect of ambassadors?

We are the specialists in driving innovation, and you are the specialist in sharing the word about it. As partners, your part of the partnership is sharing our news, educating communities about ONINO and helping us grow the ONINO community of likeminded people!

As an ONINO Ambassador, you'll engage in activities such as:

  • Sharing ONINO's mission in your community.
  • Hosting live spaces or meetups to educate people about ONINO.
  • Providing feedback on ONINO products and features to enhance user experience.
  • Creating content that aligns with ONINO’s mission, such as blog posts or videos.

Application Process

All the above speaks to you and you would love to work with us at ONINO?

Then please fill in this questionnaire with as much detail as you can.

As we unfortunately can’t work with everyone, please don’t be disappointed if you can’t become an ambassador in the first round. We will be looking to grow the program sustainably and are always screening creators that spread the word about ONINO. If you stand out with your content, we might get in touch with you for the ONINO Ambassador Program!

We’re looking forward to reviewing the applications!

Your Team ONINO

Ready to innovate?

Realize the full potential of blockchain technology with ONINO. Enter a world of advanced features and seamless integration designed for developers. Partner with ONINO to innovate, develop and lead in the blockchain space. Your next groundbreaking application starts here.

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