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December 30, 2023

ONINO Cloud Platform & Testnet Updates December

ONINO is proud to announce their first update to the ONINO Cloud Platform.The ONINO Team has worked tirelessly throughout the last days and has implemented a lot of your feedback. Try the ONINO Cloud Platform to make blockchain development easier now:

ONINO Cloud Platform & Testnet Updates December

First Big ONINO Cloud Platform Update

The ONINO development team has updated the platform such that the deployment of the ONINO Smart Contract Templates works seamlessly - and, in particular, also on the ONINO Testnet.

That means, community member can now (for example) use the ERC20 Template in order to deploy their own custom token on ONINO with only a few clicks.

Explore the ONINO Cloud Platform Now!

ONINO Testnet Faucet Update

Secondly, ONINO has updated the Testnet Faucet.

Now you can no longer simply obtain testnet tokens, but also connect your wallet directly in the app, add the ONINO Testnet with just one click and send your first tONI transaction.

This makes it easy to use the ONINO Testnet right away.

Explore the ONINO Testnet!

Thank You For Your Feedback!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your feedback and for using the ONINO Products. The ONINO Testnet and the ONINO Cloud Platform are still in their early stage and the ONINO Team is adding more and more features daily.

We’ll be back soon with more information and updates!

Your Team ONINO

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