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December 1, 2023

ONINO Dashboard | Major Update

The ONINO Dashboard got a major update! We have re-built the core logic for a much more stable and smooth user experience, added a feature to ignore unwanted tokens and made it possible to add wallets without connecting. Check it out for free now!

ONINO Dashboard | Major Update

ONINO Dashboard: Major Update 🚀

We are thrilled to announce a major update to the ONINO Dashboard, reflecting our commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Our latest release aims to enhance your Web3 tracking experience by delivering more precise and stable token balance calculations, an improved wallet connection process, and greater control over your token display.

Check it our for free now: 

Let's dive into the new features of the update in detail!

1. Core Refactoring: New Levels of Precision

Next to developing our blockchain, the developer team has worked tirelessly to entirely rebuild the core logic based on the experiences gathered in the last months to ensure that the token balances of the ONINO Dashboard are calculated more precise and stable than ever. The new architecture promises to eliminate discrepancies and unwanted spam tokens, providing you with real-time and accurate insights into your wallet transactions and balances.

The new logic will synchronize automatically when you log in to the dashboard the next time. Please take note that the first initial synchronization may take a little bit longer - the following synchronizations will take place much faster! 

2. Token Ignore List: Your Dashboard, Your Way

With the new Token Ignore List feature, you can now easily ignore tokens that you don't want to see in your ONINO Dashboard. Customize your dashboard with the information that matters most to you, creating a clean and streamlined interface tailored to your specific needs.

In case you change your mind or accidentally ignored a token, you can easily edit your token ignore list in the user settings.


3. Enhanced Wallet Connection: Flexibility and Convenience

The ONINO Dashboard now offers a seamless wallet connection process, enabling you to add wallets not only by connecting them and signing a message, but also by simply pasting the address. This update provides flexibility to include all wallets, even those types of wallets that you can't connect directly with the ONINO Dashboard app.

4. WalletConnect v2 Migration

We always want to stay on the cutting edge and provide you with the best user experience possible. Therefore we have also implemented the migration to the vastly improved WalletConnect v2 software kit. For you nothing changes in the signup/login process - except that you can now enjoy the seamless user experience of WalletConnect v2. Check it out!


Your Feedback Matters!

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with the new ONINO Dashboard update. Your insights will not only guide our future enhancements but also foster a community-driven approach to continuous improvement. Provide your feedback here.

Ready to Dive In?

Don’t wait to explore the new era of wallet management! Try the ONINO Dashboard for free now and see how our latest innovations are transforming the way you interact with your digital assets.

Your personal Web3 world is now more accessible and controlled than ever. 

Check it our for free now: 

Welcome to the future of blockchain management with the ONINO Dashboard!



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