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January 19, 2024

ONINO Joins Bundesblock

ONINO announces its acceptance into the Bundesblock, Germany's leading blockchain association. Emphasizing its commitment to blockchain innovation, ONINO leverages this opportunity for collaborative growth and increased visibility in the blockchain market.

ONINO Joins Bundesblock

ONINO Joins Bundesblock

ONINO is thrilled to announce its acceptance into the Bundesblock!

This marks a significant step forward for ONINO, strengthening its position at the forefront of Blockchain in Germany.

What is the “Bundesblock”?

The "Bundesblock," or the German Blockchain Association, is a dedicated network and advocacy group for blockchain technology in Germany. It comprises diverse members, including start-ups, companies, and blockchain enthusiasts, all committed to promoting and developing blockchain technology nationwide.

The key objectives of the Bundesblock are to:

  1. Advocate for regulatory frameworks that encourage blockchain technology innovation.
  2. Facilitate dialogue and collaboration among members and the broader blockchain community.
  3. Enhance education and awareness about blockchain technology and its potential uses.
  4. Represent the interests of the German blockchain community in political and social dialogues.

By achieving these objectives, the Bundesblock aims to foster a conducive environment for the growth and application of blockchain technology in various sectors in Germany.

What does this mean for ONINO?

Membership in the Bundesblock not only links ONINOs technology with a vast network of blockchain experts and companies but also actively take part in blockchain-friendly policies and discussions in Germany. Moreover, this affiliation provides access to collaborative opportunities and the latest industry insights, essential for staying competitive in the rapidly evolving blockchain market. ONINO's association with the Bundesblock underscores its commitment to leading blockchain innovation and advocacy in Germany.

What has the Bundesblock achieved so far?

The Bundesblock, Germany's leading blockchain association, has played a pivotal role in shaping the blockchain landscape. Key accomplishments include advocating for blockchain-friendly regulatory frameworks, essential for fostering an innovation-supportive environment. The association has also been instrumental in promoting blockchain education, organizing events and workshops that demystify the technology for the public and professionals alike.

In addition, the Bundesblock excels in fostering collaboration and networking among diverse stakeholders, from startups to established entities. This networking hub is critical for knowledge sharing and advancing blockchain projects. By shaping public opinion, the Bundesblock highlights the potential benefits of blockchain, creating a conducive atmosphere for its growth.

Moreover, the Bundesblock plays a supportive role for startups, offering them visibility and guidance in navigating the regulatory landscape. Lastly, its contribution to research and development ensures Germany remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Collectively, these efforts position the Bundesblock as a cornerstone in Germany's blockchain ecosystem, driving growth and innovation in the field.

What can be expected?

As a new Bundesblock member, ONINO is set to actively participate in and contribute to the evolving blockchain landscape in Germany. Through our membership, ONINO will engage in essential networking and collaboration with other blockchain experts and companies, enhancing visibility and fostering potential partnerships and positioning ONINO as one of the leading blockchain technology companies in Germany.

Moreover, ONINO plans to contribute to the Bundesblock's educational initiatives, leveraging our expertise to educate the public on topics around blockchain technology. This association not only boosts ONINO's standing in the blockchain community but also aligns them with the forefront of blockchain innovation and advocacy in Germany, marking a significant stride in our journey towards technological advancement.

Stay tuned for more updates...

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