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April 16, 2024

ONINO Joins the PwC Raise Program: A Step Forward in Blockchain Accessibility

ONINO is excited to announce our participation in the PwC Raise Program, a significant milestone that recognizes our efforts in making blockchain technology more accessible and easier to use for companies worldwide.

ONINO Joins the PwC Raise Program: A Step Forward in Blockchain Accessibility

Today, we’re happy to announce the participation of ONINO in the “PwC Raise” Program.

Participation in the PwC Raise Program

ONINO's selection for the PwC Raise Program represents a pivotal development in our growth strategy. The Raise Program, known for its commitment to elevating innovative startups, aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify blockchain technology. Through this program, ONINO will gain invaluable exposure to a network of industry leaders, potential investors, and like-minded innovators, which will be instrumental in accelerating our development and reach.

Enhancing Our Capabilities

Participating in this program enables ONINO to leverage PwC's extensive resources and expertise. This access is expected to refine our blockchain framework, which allows businesses to create tailored blockchains, enhancing both their security and functionality. The insights gained from the program will directly feed into improving our products, making them even more robust and user-friendly.

Collaboration and Growth Opportunities

The PwC Raise Program opens up numerous avenues for collaboration with other tech pioneers and thought leaders in the blockchain space. These collaborations are anticipated to bring fresh perspectives to our projects and help us create more innovative solutions that cater to an ever-evolving market.

Impact on Blockchain Accessibility

By being part of the PwC Raise Program, ONINO is set to play a crucial role in driving blockchain accessibility. The program's support will help us enhance our offerings, ensuring that companies, regardless of their size or sector, can leverage blockchain technology efficiently and securely. This initiative will also allow us to reach a wider audience, reinforcing the security and adaptability of blockchains.

Looking Ahead

Our involvement in the PwC Raise Program is more than just an achievement—it's a stepping stone towards realizing our vision of making blockchain technology straightforward and accessible for every business around the globe. We are excited to see where this partnership takes us and are committed to continuing our work in transforming the blockchain landscape.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey with the PwC Raise Program, setting new benchmarks in blockchain accessibility and innovation.

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