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May 3, 2024

ONINO May 2024 Developer Update

Discover the latest updates from ONINO Development, including advancements in blockchain sub-chain framework, the release of the biggest update of the ONINO Developer Platform, and the success of its incubator client, CADAICO. Get an insight into new features, improved user experience, and the ongoing efforts for a more robust, user-friendly ecosystem.

ONINO May 2024 Developer Update

Dear Community,

with this post in our developer update series we would like to give you "Behind the Scenes" insights into the daily work of the ONINO Development team and share with you how and on which features of the ONINO Blockchain and the ONINO Cloud Platform we are currently working and what is planned.

ONINO Main and Sub-Chain Update

The team is working to implement the necessary changes to our Node Client software to address potential security and performance issues. We are committed to continuing penetration testing with our trusted partner Sayfer, which will include in-depth audit reports and certification derived from over 100 different penetration tests.

Another focus of protocol development is the advancement of our sub-chain framework. We have successfully completed the first official native asset transfers between sub-chain and main-chain on our testnet. At its core, the ONINO sub-chain framework defines a set of rules for interaction within and between individual sub-chains and the main chain, including a standardized stack of smart contracts and client software responsible for implementing the protocol rules. Each sub-chain is enabled by an independent set of validators and can be permissionlessly registered with a 50,000 ONI stake requirement for anchoring to the main chain. The team is currently exploring options to use the InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) framework to extend our sub-chain offerings with even greater modularity. This is currently being tested in our staging environment to evaluate if it can bring value to ONINO Sub-Chains.

ONINO Developer Platform

We are working on the biggest update of the ONINO Developer Platform to date. This update will bring several new features, a complete platform overhaul and a much improved user experience.

The upcoming update is a big step forward to enable everyone to create dApps like never before: fast, efficient, and fun. Developers will experience an entirely new user flow that gives direct access to all the features that improve their experience. Here are a few examples of how the new platform and features work:

1. Improved User Flows
We have listened to your feedback and have greatly improved the way you interact with the platform. Features will be directly accessible at every stage of your development journey, rather than gated behind stages.

2. Improved Contract Overview
The improved contract overview not only enables efficient management of smart contracts, but also provides a convenient way to interact with your blockchain-based application.

3. Release of Backend Wallets and APIs
With the release of our backend wallet and API services, developers will be able to integrate blockchain-based solutions in the easiest way possible. It will be as easy as writing a single line of code using our platform.

This small glimpse into our upcoming update is just a fraction of what we are working on. You can look forward to improved AI assistants, easier onboarding, Mainnet integrations, improved provisioning services and many more features in the works.

ONINO Incubator

As many of you have noticed, our incubator client CADAICO, who we supported from the beginning of the tokenization of the business model through community building to the token presale, recently raised almost $750K through our token sale platform - $500K of which was raised in the last sale round within a few hours. With the funds raised, CADAICO will now continue and accelerate development to build an exciting blockchain-based AI ecosystem and will launch the first Sub-Chain on the ONINO protocol in the long term.

Our collaboration with CADAICO was not only a complete success from a project perspective, but also provided us with many valuable learnings. We were able to gather extensive feedback from both CADAICO as a customer and the sale participants as end users of our token sale platform. During the various CADAICO sale rounds, we have already implemented a number of things and made live improvements, and now that the successful token sale has been completed, we have fully incorporated all feedback from customers and end users into the codebase of our token sale framework in order to be able to offer an even more user-friendly and robust platform for future ONINO Incubator projects.

Furthermore, we have experienced a great deal of demand for the ONINO Token Sale Platform and our Incubator offering at many events in recent weeks, such as the Paris Blockchain Week, and are currently in many interesting discussions with potential new projects for the ONINO Incubator. For this reason, our CTO Kai has spent the last two weeks designing a new, scalable software architecture that makes it possible to onboard new ONINO Incubator projects almost completely self-service and launch fully automated, personalized, customized instances of our Token Sale Platform.

With this improved scalable architecture, we want to make it even easier to onboard promising projects and builders into the ONINO ecosystem in the future. In the coming weeks, we will now implement this architecture and soon trial it with the next ONINO Incubator customers!

Your ONINO Developer Team

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