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December 1, 2023

ONINO October&November Newsletter

Explore the ONINO October & November Newsletter for exciting updates, including the launch of the user-friendly ONINO Platform, simplifying blockchain development. Join us on December 4th for an in-depth community update. We're also thrilled to announce the Testnet launch on December 21st, marking our 2-year anniversary, with more updates to come.

ONINO October&November Newsletter

ONINO October&November Newsletter

Another two exciting months for ONINO. Let's delve into all the recent updates and news!

The ONINO Platform: Simplifying Blockchain for Businesses

We're excited to announce the launch of a major new addition to our blockchain ecosystem - the ONINO Platform - a cloud-based development environment on top of the ONINO Blockchain, designed to massively simplify the way businesses of all sizes and sectors build blockchain solutions.

The platform enables anyone to develop value-creating blockchain solutions on an enterprise-grade level, without expertise or massive investment of time and money, by accompanying companies throughout every step of the blockchain development process:

1. Ideation & Inspiration

2. AI-Assisted Development

3. One-click Deployment

4. Integration & Documentation

The ONINO platform will be another tool that clearly contributes to our mission of bringing blockchain to the real world. Furthermore, it will act as an onboarding channel for the underlying ONINO blockchain and serve to bring new projects and traffic to our network, and is a crucial part of our go-to-market strategy.

Want to dive deeper into the details of the ONINO Platform?

Join our community update on the 4th of December, 8PM CET on X (formerly twitter)!

ONINO Testnet is launching on 21st of December

We are excited about the launch of our public Testnet for the EVM-compatible Application Layer. While the preparations for the Testnet are ongoing, we are already looking forward to tackling the next steps towards the release of our Mainnet and also the further improvements on our Consensus on Subchain Architecture - updates on this front will be shared in due time.

This part of the Newsletter will cover a more broad overview of the Testnet process:

On December 21st we will launch the Testnet with the Developer and User Docs, the Testnet Faucet and our own BlockExplorer. At the start all nodes will be hosted in a closed environment to ensure stability and quick updates if needed. Tutorials on how to add access to the ONINO Testnet to your wallet will be provided.  The next 4-8 weeks starting from the launch will be for us to monitor the performance of our platform and blockchain protocol at the same time. Onboarding of Validators will then be unlocked with the release of our Testnet Staking platform after the initial testing periods, which will also be followed by the public release of our node client via GitHub. Validators will receive additional information per e-mail if they have signed up through During the course of the Testnet, which is planned to last at least for most of Q1 of 2024, we will bring further updates to our toolkits, and platform and additionally adjust protocol if needed. While the team is working diligently to bring our releases in a timely manner, we will not be able to provide a concrete launch date for the Mainnet before our initial evaluation of the Testnet has been conducted - the current plan to release early 2024 still stands. Our community can look forward to various ways to engage with the ONINO Testnet and even build applications themselves, we have a few things planned to get all users engaged.

More detailed guides, announcements, and documentation will be released starting with our community update on the 4th of December.


As you might have noticed, we have been building up our presence on events this year, and October & November have been no exception.

Here are our two highlights:

Heidelberger Erfolgsimpulse

The Heidelberger Erfolgsimpulse took place in October in Heidelberg and is tailored to board members and decision makers in german banks.

ONINO was there to talk about our journey, and how we can offer services for banks like tokenization, our blockchain platform and much more.

You can watch Alexandre’s Presentation here on YouTube:

HEI 12 Alexandre Lehr

WebSummit Lisbon

The WebSummit in Lisbon is the biggest Web-focussed conference in the world.

ONINO was there and had a stand to represent the company, inform people about what ONINO does, meet new people and grow the network and much more. For us, the event was a huge success, as we talked with so many people that were interested in what we were doing and wanted to try it right away. From customers to partners and even investors, the WebSummit was one of the most important events for ONINO in 2023.

Our next major milestone will be the release of our ONINO Testnet in less than a month, the 21st of December 2023. This date will also mark the 2 year anniversary of ONINO as the company was founded on this exact date in 2021.

We’re eager to share the testnet and what else we’ve been working on with you - there will be a major announcement in our next community update on X (formerly twitter) on the 4th of december. Make sure to follow us there to not miss any news!

This marks the end this newsletter.

As always, thank you for following our progress. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Your Team ONINO

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