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April 2, 2024

ONINO Partners With Chainge

ONINO partners with Chainge to enhance blockchain interoperability, enabling seamless cross-chain transactions for the ONI token. This strategic collaboration paves the way for future advancements in the blockchain space, promising increased accessibility and security.

ONINO Partners With Chainge

Enhancing Interoperability: ONINO Partners with Chainge

In a strategic move to enable accessibility, ONINO is working together with Chainge to enhance interoperability. This collaboration focuses on developing a bridge for the $ONI token between the Binance and Ethereum blockchains, marking a significant step towards seamless cross-chain transactions.

Who is Chainge ?

We thank Chainge for their help with this integration and their role in expanding ONINO to other ecosystems. Using innovative Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) technology, Chainge provides a convenient, secure and fast bridge for digital assets. Chainge already supports over 50 chains, over 2100 assets and over $30 billion in aggregate liquidity. This and the ongoing support from the Chainge team was enough for us to choose them as a trusted partner and we look forward to offering this bridging method to all our users.

What’s in it for you?

Each network will hold a unique contract address that is used to represent a wrapped version of the $ONI Token. Through the infrastructure and app provided by Chainge, users will be allowed to easily transfer the native $ONI to and from other networks. We advice users to always check the official addresses and keep their transactions safe.

Token Bridging

The partnership introduces a bridge for the $ONI token, facilitating its transfer between Binance and Ethereum. This initiative aims to improve accessibility for users, reflecting both organizations' commitment to enhancing the blockchain ecosystem's interoperability.

💡 The transfer between chains is accessible directly through the Chainge mobile app. Additionally all cross chain transfers will be directly available in the Chainge web app: bringing even better accessibility for everyone who prefers using desktop applications.

Contract Addresses

Be aware of any scam token addresses and use only the official wrapped versions of $ONI.

Contract on Binance Smart Chain: 0xea89199344a492853502a7A699Cc4230854451B8

Contract on Ethereum: 0x822757d09a8d5db5874be7f367eafae2af32d64b

And that’s not it. We already have plans for the future:

Mainnet Integration

A pivotal aspect of this collaboration will be Chainge's integration of the ONINO mainnet to allow seamless asset transfers and a connection to up to 55 partner networks. This will allow a direct bridge to the ONINO Mainnet and enhances the accessibility of our ecosystem.

This partnership between ONINO and Chainge signifies a forward-looking approach, focusing on interoperability, user experience, and security. By bridging two of the most prominent blockchains, this collaboration not only addresses current limitations but also lays the groundwork for future integrations.

As we move forward, ONINO and Chainge remain committed to leveraging their combined expertise and resources to drive further advancements in the blockchain space. Stay tuned for updates as this partnership unfolds, bringing new possibilities to our blockchain community.

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