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January 26, 2024

ONINO Platform - January 2024 Update

Just over a month after the release of the ONINO Cloud Platform, we're already releasing the 2nd update for the ONINO Cloud Platform ⚡️

ONINO Platform - January 2024 Update

We’re happy to announce the January ONINO Cloud Platform Update!

Having launched the ONINO Cloud Platform more than a month ago now, we’re ready for the 2nd update. We have worked on improving existing features and improving user experience. Your feedback was a great help to us during this process, thank you once again for your feedback!

If you haven’t already, try the ONINO Cloud Platform!

Now, let’s jump right in!

What’s changed?

Completely reworked the UI design and home page (including ONINO News and easy project creation).

Guided user onboarding (intro + quick start guide) to make it easier to understand the platform.

Reworked the UI navigation: as many users requests, one can now pin the sidebar to an opened or closed state. We have also improved and simplified side and top menu navigation.

Improved "Compile & Deploy Engine":

  • Code with Imports, e.g. from OpenZeppelin, can now be handled
  • Smart Contracts with Constructor Arguments can now easily be handled directly via the platform
  • Improved warning & error handling to detect (potential) errors in custom and AI-generated smart contracts

Reworked, more structured "My Projects" Page

Completely new Project Overview Page - you can now directly and easily interact with your deployed smart contracts from within the Platform's Project Overview Page - no need for Remix anymore.

New "My Deployed Contracts" where you can easily find all information needed e.g. for development (such as contract address and ABI) for each of your deployed contracts - all in one place.

Improved Search functionality:

New Templates:

Simple DAO Template

The new DAO template is your key to decentralized decision-making on the blockchain. Use it to create proposals, vote with a special token, and execute decisions – all with transparency. Plus, there's a treasury for shared funds. It's the simple way to empower your community's governance!💪🌐

Vesting Template

The TokenVesting contract streamlines token release schedules with precision. Set up schedules, deposit tokens, and ensure beneficiaries receive tokens over time. It's the ideal solution for ICOs, employee equity plans, and more. Take control of your token distribution! ⏰💰 #Blockchain #TokenVesting #ERC20

Insurance Claim Processing Template

The InsuranceClaimProcessing contract demonstrates how blockchain can revolutionize healthcare insurance claims management. It securely records claims, verifies bills, and processes payments, enhancing transparency and efficiency. With its potential for fraud prevention and rapid reimbursements, it's a game-changer for the healthcare and insurance sector! 💼💡

P2P Energy Marketplace Template

Our Energy Marketplace demonstrates how to leverage blockchain technology to enable direct peer-to-peer energy trading. Producers can sell excess energy to consumers transparently and efficiently. With tokenized energy units and smart contracts, it's a green and sustainable solution for decentralized energy trading! 🌿🔌

ERC20 Token with Mint Template

Our Dynamic ERC20 Token goes beyond the traditional ERC20 standard by allowing dynamic minting of new tokens. This feature provides flexibility for various use cases, including rewards, staking, and governance. With a proven foundation of the ERC20 standard, it's the perfect choice for projects needing adaptable tokenomics. 🚀🪙

The new and improved templates showcase the potential of blockchain, and we will be adding more and more extensive, production-ready templates for further use cases. This will increase the value we provide with the ONINO Cloud Platform and make Blockchain Technology more and more accessible and easy to use!

We hope you like the updates, please check out the ONINO Cloud Platform if you haven’t already:

Your Team ONINO

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