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December 21, 2023

ONINO Testnet Release

ONINO launched its Testnet on 21.12.2023. It serves as the testing environment for all future ONINO blockchain technology for the upcoming ONINO Mainnet.

ONINO Testnet Release

Introducing the ONINO Testnet: Redefining Blockchain Development

Welcome to the Future of Blockchain Innovation

At ONINO, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the ONINO Testnet. This testnet serves as a vital testing ground for the ONINO Blockchain, operated by our team and open to developers worldwide. It's a unique environment where ideas turn into reality, and blockchain potential is pushed to new limits.

We invite you to use our Testnet to help us generate learnings for the ONINO Mainnet and to build your own applications.

What is a Blockchain Testnet?

A blockchain testnet is an essential tool for developers, providing a simulation environment for blockchain technology. Unlike the mainnet, where real transactions occur, a testnet allows for experimentation and testing without the risk of financial loss or security breaches. Learn more about blockchain testnets.

The ONINO Testnet

The ONINO Testnet is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain, playing a crucial role in our development process. Here, we test and refine everything from protocol upgrades to new features and applications before they make their way to the mainnet. This testnet is not just for our team; it's an open platform for users and developers to:

  • Test and discover bugs
  • Provide feedback on new features
  • Validate the network
  • Develop innovative applications
  • Test applications against new ONINO protocol versions
  • Analyze blockchain data on a manageable scale
  • Create and transfer testnet assets

Phases of the ONINO Testnet

The ONINO Testnet is not a final product - it is a protocol on which we are testing the upcoming technology for the ONINO Mainnet.

Our testnet development is structured into four key phases:

  • Phase 1: Initial testing and onboarding of developers
    Initial testing of the robustness of our network. Developers can free deploy solutions through our testnet RPCs and already build their decentralized solutions. Integration of the ONINO Cloud Platform with our testnet, to allow everyone to deploy their custom dApps.
  • Phase 2: Validator onboarding and testing (Only for Testnet Validators!)
    Onboarding of selected validators to the ONINO testnet to test the robustness of our public node client software, monitoring software etc.
  • Phase 3: Fixes and protocol adjustments before Mainnet
    Any necessary fixes resulting from phase 1 & 2 before we can initialize migration to mainnet.
  • Phase 4: Migration to Mainnet
    Public availability of our node client. Preparation for validator Staking. ONI Token migration. General migration of partners to ONINO Mainnet. Minting of our genesis block.

Testnet Features and Future Developments

The ONINO Testnet is a living protocol and thus, not all features will be released right from the start. We’re working on adding more and more functionality and adjustments over time.

As of now, the ONINO Testnet boasts:

  • EVM compatibility for seamless integration
  • Low fees
  • High TPS and near-instant finality (to be confirmed post-deployment)
  • All ONINO Cloud Platform Features

Future expansions will include:

  • Testnet to Mainnet migration
  • Sub-Chain functionality functionality with parallel consensus and horizontal scalability
  • Regular protocol updates
  • Diverse node client software

Who Should Engage with the ONINO Testnet?

We are reaching out to a diverse range of individuals and organizations who are keen to engage with an EVM-compatible network. This includes developers proficient in Solidity or those who utilize the EVM for their projects, offering them a robust and versatile environment for their development needs. Additionally, we are inviting companies, especially those seeking innovation on a German network, to explore the possibilities our platform offers. The introduction of Sub-Chains will expand our reach, catering to a broader audience and addressing various needs. Moreover, the ONINO Cloud Platform is designed to appeal to different target groups, providing a comprehensive and inclusive blockchain solution for a variety of applications and industries.

How to use the Testnet?

  1. Visit our Testnet Documentation to learn more about the testnet
  2. Add the ONINO Testnet to your wallet (i.e. Metamask)
Simply copy the information here:
Network Name: ONINO Testnet
Chain ID: 211223
Currency symbol: tONI
Block explorer URL:

  1. Get tONI (Testnet-ONI-Tokens) through the Testnet Faucet & add tONI to your wallet
  2. Monitor the Testnet through our Testnet Explorer.

What's Next?

As we embark on this journey, remember: the ONINO Testnet is for testing and refining. We're not claiming perfection but promise a platform where your feedback and experimentation will shape the future of blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for updates, and get ready to be a part of blockchain evolution with ONINO Testnet.

Your Team ONINO

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