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December 1, 2023

ONINO Testnet Release Date Announcement

Announcement of the upcoming Testnet Launch and how you can be part of the first adopters.

ONINO Testnet Release Date Announcement

The ONINO team is proud to announce the release date of our public testnet, which will be available for testers, builders and validators on 21 December 2023, a significant date for the ONINO community as it all started here with the founding of our company in 2021. 

The release of our public testnet is a major milestone for ONINO, and the next step in accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises. Years of preparation, research and development have gone into creating the ONINO ecosystem, and our upcoming release will mark the beginning of ONINO's initiative to realize the full potential of blockchain technology across all industries. 

This article will provide you with important information about the upcoming release and how you can get involved. If you have not yet registered to be one of our early adopters, visit our registration page and join over 2500 people who are already eager to join our network. Don't miss the chance to be one of the first to test our network, provide direct feedback to the core team and help shape the future of blockchain and ONINO.

The ONINO journey began in early 2022 with the ICO of the ONI token, and since then we have been continuously developing and testing our infrastructure. In addition, we have seen the release of our first applications Onify and ONINO Dashboard, which will be further improved with the emergence of our native blockchain to unleash their full capabilities. More importantly, we have managed to build a network of close partners and customers who are eagerly awaiting the upcoming releases of ONINO, and have strategically positioned our platform to achieve widespread adoption across our target audiences.

Our Goals with the ONINO Testnet

As previously announced, the upcoming testnet is an EVM-compatible Layer 1. While our Layer 0 infrastructure is still under development and will be tested in the form of first MVPs with industry partners in the near future, we see a need to provide developers and existing customers with the ability to deploy directly on our public Layer 1 infrastructure. With the Testnet phase, we have clear objectives that we want to achieve:

- Onboard existing customers

- Launch Oniscan, our native blockchain explorer

- Performance monitoring and tuning

- Security testing and robustness monitoring

- Node client performance evaluations

- Expanding the ONINO developer community

- Provide a platform for external developers to build on ONINO already before the Mainnet Launch

- Launch of upcoming ONINO applications directly on our public infrastructure

- Introduction of additional developer features

With the planned launch of the ONINO Mainnet in 2024, we aim to use the Testnet phase to get users and developers on board with our platform and ready for migration to the ONINO Mainnet. It is expected that the ONINO testnet will go through various maintenance phases during its lifetime, so we encourage you to register via our registration page and read about how to get involved below to stay up to date with our latest developments.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to participate in the ONINO testnet initiative, you can register via our registration page to be added to our mailing lists. Choose whether you want to be a user tester, an application builder or a validator and we will provide you with more specific information on how to participate in more detail. Here is more information about the different types of testers we are looking for:


Validators and Node Operators are a crucial part of any blockchain network, providing security and processing power to a network. During the testnet we want to test our node client software and documentation to make node operation as easy as possible. 

Validators for the ONINO Mainnet are required to stake 35,000 ONI tokens. Currently, ONI can be purchased directly through pancakeswap. Anyone interested in becoming a validator will be able to deposit their stake prior to migration, and currently locked tokens in stake pools will be unlocked upon migration.


While validators and node operators help to secure the network, builders help to create value for a blockchain network. The focus of ONINO has always been to attract high quality applications that go beyond what we have seen in web3 so far. Any type of application is welcome to be developed and deployed on the ONINO network, but a selected circle will receive direct support from the ONINO team.

User testers

Every platform becomes more attractive with increasing volume, which is mainly created by individual users. Users in the ONINO testnet will be allowed to test selected applications and provide feedback on the overall user experience when using the ONINO network.

During the testnet phase, users can receive ONI faucet tokens to test applications and the general capabilities of the network. ONI Faucet requires a minimum of 1 ONI token on BSC in the respective wallet as a spam protection measure.

Take the chance to be part of the next fundamental milestones of the ONINO journey and have the opportunity to directly contribute to the future success of our project. Upcoming information will be sent directly to registered users in the coming weeks to help you prepare for the upcoming launch.


We will use different communication channels to communicate relevant information to different audiences in the most efficient way. Telegram and X (formerly Twitter) will remain the main channels for public communication and news, but individual information will be emailed to registered users depending on the category they have signed up for. To be the first to know, we encourage you to sign up quickly. We will also be setting up dedicated feedback and ideas channels where users can provide valuable insight into their user experience and how we can further improve our platform and suite of applications.

The ONINO team is excited to embark on the next phase of our journey and invite everyone to be part of it. Join us and co-create the future of the ONINO Network!

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