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December 1, 2023

Tokenized Fundraising: Announcement

ONINO has launched a new service called "Tokenized Fundraising" to help companies create a good business model, a great tokenomic model, build a community, and connect them to work with partners. The service is designed for companies that require or strongly benefit from a token.

Tokenized Fundraising: Announcement

Tokenized Fundraising by ONINO

Today, we’d like to officially announce our new service. We call it “Tokenized Fundraising”.

What is this service, who is it tailored to, and how does it fit into ONINO’s bigger picture? Let’s dive into it right away!

What’s “Tokenized Fundraising” by ONINO?

Following the request of companies we have talked to, we’re offering our know-how to interested customers in the form of a service we call “Tokenized Fundraising”.

We’re taking all the know-how we acquired during our own ICO preparation and the effort of making everything regulatory-compliant in Germany, and offer this to other companies. We help them create a good business model and a great tokenomic model, build a community, connect them to work with partners including specialists regarding regulatory and tax compliance, and much more.

How does this fit in ONINO’s bigger picture?

With this service, we’re in the early phase of onboarding projects to the Onigraph, ONINO’s own network. As long as the Onigraph is under development, we will launch the ICOs and Tokens on other platforms, but once the Onigraph is ready, we will migrate the projects onto our own network.

This will enable us to start with a network running many projects on it already, setting us apart from many other networks. Great technology is one thing, but having relevant traffic on a network is a totally different ballgame.

In addition to the above, the Tokenized Fundraising helps us generate revenue, and also understand first-hand what future Onigraph projects require. This know-how will flow right into the development and make for an even better result.

Aren’t others helping with Tokenized Fundraising already?

There are other agencies that help companies do ICOs. What sets ONINO apart is that we deeply analyze the business model, or even help shape it, and evaluate whether and how a token can create real value.

We strongly focus on creating strong and functional Token Economics (Tokenomics) and not creating Ponzi Schemes. The token should be an addition to the business model and complement it in a way that creates value and is sustainable even in weaker economic phases.

Who is the service tailored to?

With Tokenized Fundraising by ONINO, we’re targeting companies that have a business model that requires a token to work or can be complemented by integrating a native token. Not all business models require tokens, some even don’t work with tokens at all.

As Tokenized Fundraising can also be used as an alternative way to traditional funding, this can help kick off companies that normally would not be possible, as raising capital in such an early stage would be very hard.

In addition to that, the community that is created around the company and the token can be a strong asset to any company.

The service creates value for early-stage companies and established companies alike.

Does everything need to be tokenized?

Short answer — No!

Tokenization can offer many benefits, but tokenization is not needed everywhere. We focus on business models that either require or strongly benefit from a token.

Blockchain technology is great, but it does not need to be implemented everywhere. Using this technology only where it creates real value is our goal.

What can be tokenized?

Tokenization has unlocked a universe of possibilities, transforming everything from real estate or supply chain processes to digital art. All while creating a new economy and market for companies to complement their existing business models.

With blockchain technology at its core, tokenization paves the way for fractional ownership, easier payment, decentralized voting structures, and much more. Tokenization can go beyond just offering a token for the exchange of value, as more and more designs that include additional metadata into the tokens' capabilities arise, such as membership, identity, or off-chain data linked to tokens.

For companies, blockchain tokens offer a powerful new tool for digitizing and tracking assets, reducing friction in transactions, and opening up new markets for investment and innovation.

Tokenization is revolutionizing the way businesses and their customers can interact, trade, and grow together.

When do you start?

The best news for the end - this is not a project for the future, we already have customers we're working with. We will introduce the projects to you in the next posts - stay tuned!

How can I work with ONINO?

If you have a project that you think might benefit from tokenization and our Tokenized Fundraising, please reach out to

If you know of any project you think might be interested in our service, please share this article and spread the word.

Thank you for your help.

Your Team ONINO

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