August Community Update Announcement



Discover exciting updates and enhanced communication in our August Community Update! We're introducing an in-depth topic each month, starting with our refreshed blockchain development roadmap. Join us on Monday, August 7th, for exclusive insights and a live Q&A session - don't miss out!

Today we have a small update for you: We're always looking for ways to improve our communication, so we've decided to make some small adjustments to our Community Update format.

From now on, we'll be adding an in-depth topic each month. And you'll be able to suggest topics you'd like us to dive into.

The Community Update will contain:

- The little "What is ONINO" refresher
- Short updates on everything we've been working on
- Deep dive topic of the month
- Q&A'S
- Live Q&A

We hope you enjoy these improvements as much as we do!

The next Community Update is scheduled for Monday, August 7th.

Our deep dive topic this time will be the release of our updated blockchain development roadmap. Tune in to see what we've already accomplished, what we have planned, and don't miss any exclusive news!

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Your Team ONINO

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