Join the ONINO Testnet: Validators, Developers and Beta Testers Wanted



Want to become a ONINO Testnet validator, tester or builder? Sign up in a few clicks here - no strings attached:

Dear ONINO Community,

we are excited to announce the registration for contributing to our upcoming ONINO Testnet! As we pave the way for a decentralized future, we invite you to be a part of this journey - right from the start.

Whether you want to be a validator, a developer building on our future network, or an end-user beta tester, there is an opportunity for everyone to contribute, explore and benefit.

1. Validator

Help maintain and secure the ONINO network by deploying and running an ONINO network node. The minimum stake for running a full node amounts to 35,000 ONI tokens.

2. Builder/Developer

Do you dream of building the next great decentralized application (dApp)? Develop on our robust ONINO network and we'll provide you with the technical and business support and guidance you need. Let's innovate and drive network adoption together!

3. End-User Tester

Experience the ONINO Network first hand. Dive in, explore our features, send some of the first transactions and give us valuable feedback. Your insights will help us refine our platform and ensure a seamless user experience at launch.

How to register

Are you ready to join the ONINO Testnet? Complete our registration form here in a few clicks:

Let's shape the future of distributed technology together. We are convinced that your insights, expertise and feedback will play a crucial role in making ONINO's vision a reality. Join us!

We are looking forward to your registration!

Your ONINO Team

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