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Dr. Biyan Mienert, an experienced attorney specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain, has joined ONINO as a legal advisor. He will provide legal and regulatory support for ONINO and the company's ICO as a Service offering and advise customers on related topics.

Today, we’re happy to tell you about our newest addition to team ONINO.

Dr. Biyan Mienert has joined the team as a Legal Advisor!

Who is Dr. Biyan Mienert?

Dr. Biyan Mienert is an attorney focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2016. He is the General Counsel of LUKSO and teaches digitalization law at the University of Applied Sciences in Hessen and the University of Cologne.

Dr. Mienert’s work focuses on the legal aspects of DAOs, NFTs, Web3, and token offerings. In his doctoral thesis, he was the first lawyer to develop a comprehensive legal framework for DAOs. As an expert in his field, he speaks at conferences and works with policy working groups to discuss potential regulation of emerging technologies.

His client base includes notable crypto projects such as exchanges, DeFi protocols, DAOs, and NFT initiatives, demonstrating his diverse experience and commitment to the ever-evolving crypto and FinTech landscape.

What will Dr. Biyan Mienert do at ONINO?

Dr. Mienert joins ONINO as a legal advisor — he is supporting us with all legal and regulatory aspects. His experience makes him a great asset to the team.

He will also help us with our customers for our ICO as a Service offering. With his experience, he is a perfect addition and will enable us to advise our customers on legal and regulatory topics.

We’d like to welcome and thank Dr. Biyan Mienert for his trust and support!

Your Team ONINO.

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