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December 1, 2023

ONINO May Newsletter

ONINO's May newsletter highlights the progress in blockchain development, the adoption of WebAssembly (WASM), successful tokenized fundraising projects, and the addition of a legal advisor. Stay updated and subscribe to their newsletter for more.

ONINO May Newsletter

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ONINO May Newsletter

A lot has happened for ONINO last month, so let’s jump right in - here is what you missed:

Blockchain Development Update | General

The development of the Onigraph is progressing nicely, we are currently expecting faster deployment of the public application layer than anticipated.

The current development focus is on conducting further tests for the newly developed Proof of adaptive Coverage consensus protocol in large scale use cases and integrating the WASM virtual machine to enable multi language support.

As the architectural design of the Onigraph is a multilayered approach, we expect to be able to release individual layers independently to the public through protocol updates, which enables us to push parts of the network to production in advance.

Blockchain Development Update | WASM

For the upcoming ONINO network, the Onigraph, we are currently planning to move away from the traditional use of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is known to have performance issues due to its 256-bit operating format and very limited language compatibility.

As a step into the future, we've chosen the more efficient and versatile WebAssembly (WASM).

The brainchild of industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Apple, WASM provides a virtual machine with seamless 32- and 64-bit operations in sync with modern CPUs. It also offers an impressive range of languages, already supporting more than 20 popular programming languages for compiling to WASM-compliant bytecode and writing smart contracts.

With this, we want to make it easier for traditional developers to enter the blockchain world and drive mass adoption of blockchain.

The ONINO Dashboard

Our current development focus is on the development of Onigraph, our network.

However, we are not neglecting the development of the Dashboard:

We have released a news section (see image below) last month and the feedback was great!

Now that we have gained a lot of experience in testing the Dashboard in the field, running tests and collecting feedback, we are rewriting the core algorithms, which will drastically increase performance. And also stabilize the dashboard - no more spam tokens and inaccurate balances.

Once this is done and successful in practice, we will plan further steps to offer the now more stable dashboard in a mobile app.

Try the ONINO Dashboard

Tokenized Fundraising / ICO as a Service

In the last newsletter we told you about our newest service "ICO as a Service" where we help companies with tokenized fundraising. Since then, we have already closed deals with 3 paying projects.

The first one we announced was ASTO - read more in this blog article.

We haven't even started to actively promote this service and we have 5 more projects that are very interested in this service. Since each project requires a strong commitment, we are already carefully choosing which projects to work with. We expect 5-10 projects by the end of the year and are very positive that ONINO will be profitable already in 2023.

We expect to migrate the majority of the projects to the Onigraph once it has launched - thus you can see this as an early phase of project onboarding for our network.

New Advisor - Biyan Mienert

Dr. Biyan Mienert, an experienced attorney specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain, has joined ONINO as a legal advisor.

He will provide legal and regulatory support for ONINO and the company's “ICO as a service” offering, and advise clients on related issues.

Read more in this article.

This marks the end of our May newsletter.

As always, thank you for following our progress. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Your Team ONINO

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