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January 16, 2024

ONINO is now a GmbH

ONINO is now a GmbH - bringing the company to the next level and showing the commitment of the ONINO Founders

ONINO is now a GmbH

Dear ONINO Community,

Over two years ago, the three founders of ONINO—Kai, Lukas, and Alexandre—launched our company with a commitment to integrity and excellence. We chose to establish ONINO in Germany, adhering to the nation's rigorous regulations and positioning our company for future success.

GmbH - the next step of the journey

Now, we're thrilled to announce that ONINO has evolved into a fully-fledged GmbH, marking the next step in our journey. To demonstrate our profound commitment to ONINO and our community, we, the founders, have decided to invest an additional € 25,000 into the company. This investment is not only a testament to our dedication, but it also serves as a significant indicator for customers and potential investors of our personal stake in the company.

What changes now?

In terms of daily operations, nothing will change—we will continue our work on the ONINO Blockchain and the ONINO Cloud Platform with undiminished vigor. However, our increased investment signals that we're ready to take ONINO to new heights and that our commitment is stronger than ever.

Your Team ONINO - Kai, Lukas, Alexandre

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