Efficient, Interoperable
and Privacy Focused.

Unique DAG-Based Consensus Protocol to Guarantee Maximum Efficiency and Security. Built for Large-Scale Enterprise Use Cases.

Privacy-Enhancing Features to enable Cloud Code Bases

Proof of Adaptive Coverage
Score-Based Asynchronous BFT Consensus Protocol to Guarantee Optimal Atomic Broadcast

On-Chain Identities by Default That Allow Compliant Identity-Based Applications for Everyday Usage

Fully Interoperable State Layer Protocol for Chain-Agnostic web3 Pipelines

> 100,000 Transactions per Second and Near-Instant Finality

Build with Integrated Directed Acyclic Graph Technology to Enable a Truly Scalable Network

ONINO Network Architecture

The ONINO Network Is Based on a Unique and Innovative Approach to Decentralized Network Design. The Architecture Consists of a Combination Several Layered Components.

ONINO Innovation Fund

At ONINO, we strongly believe in the power of open source and want to incentivize innovation. Therefore we will create the ONINO innovation fund which will be used to support innovative Applications on the ONINO platform.

Developers from all networks can apply with their project ideas and get sponsored by the ONINO innovation fund to kickstart their development. Thereby we want to create a vivid ecosystem of novel dApps with real-world utility. The fund will be fuelled by a share of the native ONI token’s transactions fees.

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