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Explore the onino testnet

Pushing Boundaries, Shaping Futures: The
ONINO Network Awaits.

Where Advanced DAG Architecture Meets Groundbreaking Proof-Of-Adaptive-Coverage Consensus, Giving Developers an Unmatched Environment to Build, Scale and Innovate. Get Ready to Build on Our Protocol  And Create Applications on the ONINO Main-Chain or Your Own Custom Sub-Chain. Fast Transactions, Scalable Sub-Chains and Near-Instant Finality.


High Performance

Deploy on the ONINO Network’s DAG-based architecture, offering lightning-fast transactions and near-instant finality.

PoAC Consensus

Explore our unique DAG-based consensus algorithm, an evolution to traditional proof of stake protocols that is designed for more fairness and robustness.

Custom Sub-Chain

ONINO's protocol provides the capabilities to host customized public and private Sub-Chains, all verified by the ONINO Main-Chain for ultimate security and flexibility.

Dev-Centric SDKs

Look forward to our comprehensive and user-friendly SDKs, engineered for an outstanding development experience, streamlining blockchain integration and fostering innovation.

Empower Your Development with ONINO’s Cutting-Edge Network and Developer Tools. Build, Innovate, Transform.

Blazingly Fast

Benefit from fast transactions with a sub-2 second finality, horizontal scalability and throughput tailored to dynamic decentralized applications based on directed acyclic graph technology.


Say goodbye to exorbitant fees. Our architecture is designed for economic efficiency and offers more for less - for savings for you and your users

Custom Sub-Chain

Create your custom blockchain tailored for your needs. Whether it's a permissionless or permissioned network, or GDPR compliant nodes – have a blockchain that truly serves your needs, while still being validated by the global ONINO Main-Chain.

Modular Toolkits

Use toolkits tailored to digital identity or data protection. Benefit from solution templates for areas such as healthcare, supply chain, finance, real estate and beyond. Streamline your development and build efficiently.

Powered by Directed acyclic graphs

Advanced Network Architecture

Discover the Power of DAG and Adaptive Consensus

Engage with a network designed for high-speed and scalable applications, leveraging our advanced DAG architecture and adaptive consensus mechanism for efficient, secure transactions.

Near-Instant Finality
High Throughput
aBFT Consensus
your project deserves its own chain

Custom Blockchain Creation

Tailor Sub-Chain to Your Needs, Deploy in Minutes

Utilize the upcoming ONINO Protocol to create Sub-Chain that match every use custom requirement, like meeting specific regulatory and technical needs, ensuring maximum security with Main-Chain validation.

Permissioned or Permissionless
Native Token Creation
Convenient Node Deployment

Developer-First Toolkits

Simplified Development with Robust APIs & SDKs

Await the arrival of our comprehensive SDKs, crafted to enhance developer productivity and creativity, making blockchain development more accessible and efficient.

Smooth Deployment
System Integration
Straightforward APIs
join the Developer community hub

Community & Support

Join Our Developer Community

Be part of a growing community of blockchain innovators. Gain access to resources, support, and collaboration opportunities within the ONINO ecosystem.

Ongoing Support
Ecosystem Grants
Future-Proof Solutions
Ready to innovate?

Realize the full potential of blockchain technology with ONINO. Enter a world of advanced features and seamless integration designed for developers. Partner with ONINO to innovate, develop and lead in the blockchain space. Your next groundbreaking application starts here.

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