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ONINO Developer platform

The Low-Code Platform for Business Blockchain Solutions.

Build Value-Creating Blockchain Solutions for Your Business in Minutes, Not Months. Supported by solution templates & cutting-edge AI.

Tailored Solutions

Build a blockchain solution that fits your business needs perfectly. Whether it's a smart contract solution, your own custom blockchain or the public ONINO Network, you're in control

Guided Process

Dive into the blockchain world with ease. Our platform provides step-by-step guidance to ensure you won't feel lost, regardless of your level of expertise. We accompany you along the entire blockchain development process.

Intelligent Development

Leverage our AI Development Assistant and template library to develop value-creating solutions, without the technical headache.

Seamless Integration

Bring the power of blockchain to your existing business systems with our intuitive integration tools. No massive overhauls required.

blockchain made simple

Use the ONINO Developer Platform to Easily Build, Deploy and Launch Blockchain Applications - Without the Overhead.

step 1

Ideation & Inspiration

Unsure how blockchain can benefit your business? Let our AI Assistant guide you through potential applications, or explore our Business Case Collection for inspiration. Unlock the unique value blockchain can offer to your specific business context and requirements.

AI-Powered Discovery
Business Case Exploration
Customize Your Solution
step 2

AI-Supported Development

No blockchain developer at hand? No problem. Choose from our extensive template library to get started right away, or let the ONINO AI Assistant help you create your code so you can focus on your core business and not the complexities of blockchain technology.

Intuitive Blockchain Development AI
Versatile Solution Templates
No Blockchain Experience Needed
step 3

One-Click Deployment

Automatically deploy your blockchain solution in minutes, where it fits best. Choose the robust ONINO Main-Chain, create a Custom Sub-Chain using our blockchain protocol, or deploy on any EVM compatible chain. Our platform offers you the flexibility to choose.

No-Code Deployment
Choice of ONINO Network or EVM Chain
Custom Sub-Chain Deployment
step 4

Easy Integration

Integrate blockchain technology into your existing infrastructure smoothly. ONINO ensures a hassle-free integration, compatible with your current tech stack, backed by step-by-step guidance and auto-generated documentation.

Guided Integration Process
Clash-Free System Integration
Versatile Backend & Frontend Support
Ready to innovate?

Realize the full potential of blockchain technology with ONINO. Enter a world of advanced features and seamless integration designed for developers. Partner with ONINO to innovate, develop and lead in the blockchain space. Your next groundbreaking application starts here.

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