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Community Channels

Connect on the ONINO Community Channels: your gateway to like-minded enthusiasts and experts in blockchain. Engage in lively discussions, get the latest updates, and share insights across our social platforms. Join us where innovation meets collaboration. Let's shape the future of blockchain together.

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The ONINO Dashboard

Discover the ONINO Dashboard: the all-in-one crypto asset tracker. Easily manage wallets, view transactions and analyse your portfolio across multiple blockchains. A seamless, secure and community-centric experience that evolves with the ONINO blockchain.

Built for our community with ❤️

Explore the ONINO Dashboard
Community app

The ONINO Staking Platform

Unlock the potential of your tokens with the ONINO Staking Platform. Help to secure the Blockchain network, earn staking rewards and join a thriving community committed to growth and innovation. Staking made easy, affordable and community-driven.

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OUR Native token

The ONI Token

The ONI Token is the native utility token of the ONINO Blockchain Network. We have designed our economic model to be sustainable and hold long term viability as a demand driven economy. The ONI Token is used to pay for transaction fees, validator staking and to deploy custom Sub-Chains.

For more information you can visit our GitBook Docs and Token Paper (Coming Soon).

Token Distribution
Token Vesting
Dive Deeper in the ONINO Docs
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a beneficial system for active community members?
How can I stay updated on the latest developments and participate?
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You are a developer, project or company and want to partner up with ONINO? Pitch us your idea and let's get in touch. Let's make the world a better place, one partnership after the other.

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