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May 15, 2024

CADAICO Success Story

Explore the successful journey of CADAICO, a project that combines CAD, AI, and Blockchain, facilitated by the ONINO Incubator. Learn how they raised $750,000, launched their token, and leveraged ONINO's expertise to solve real-world issues.

CADAICO Success Story

CADAICO - an ONINO Incubator Success Story

Founding and funding a startup is not always easy, which is why CADAICO and ONINO form a great partnership!

In this article, we reflect on our first major ONINO Incubator Project, CADAICO.

CADAICO has an innovative approach that brings AI to CAD and minimizes manual and repetitive work for engineers and designers. Their product will run on the ONINO blockchain and its AI training data as well as its result will be secured by our framework.

Overview of the Collaboration

We met Pedram, CADAICO’s CEO, at his former employer long before he launched CADAICO. After we told him about ONINO, he became interested in how we funded ONINO through a token sale - and blockchain technology in general - and reached out to us to learn more about it. This is where the idea of combining CAD, AI, and Blockchain was born.

We supported CADAICO right from the start - before the company was even founded. Through the ONINO Incubator, we assisted the company with blockchain concepts, financial planning, tokenomics, and through partnerships on legal & tax topics and community building.

Strategy & Execution

Starting with just an idea, we progressed quickly into execution. Through countless workshops, the idea became more and more specific. We began working on the blockchain concept for CADAICO, as well as tokenomics, and planning the sale structure according to the company's financial needs.

The next task was building a community of people who would support and spread the idea, and enable the token sale.

The Token Sales

To support CADAICO, as part of the ONINO Incubator, ONINO set up an instance of the ONINO Token Sale Framework for CADAICO and adapted it to their needs. This included:

  • Easy account creation for sale participants
  • Individual design as part of the white-label framework
  • KYC for a compliant sale and identification of participants
  • Payment with BNB, ETH & credit card
  • Individual sale mechanisms (falling price in the case of CADAICO)
  • A referral feature for participants and partners

This is the token sale concept we applied: First, CADAICO started with a Private Sale, then a Flash-Sale for a partnering community, and finally, the Public Sale, where CADAICO raised $500,000 in under 6 hours. All in all, the company raised $750,000 over those sales in only a couple of months.

“ONINO's tokenization expertise convinced me to launch CADAICO earlier and in a way that would not have been possible otherwise. The team are blockchain specialists and helped me to create an entire ecosystem based on AI and blockchain.” - Pedram Shahid, CADAICO CEO


For CADAICO, the help and framework we offer with the ONINO Incubator enabled the company to launch their project much earlier and with a stronger foundation than it would have been possible otherwise.

For ONINO, this is a beautiful showcase of what we want to support: A project that uses blockchain technology for real-world problems, and the first customer using the ONINO Incubator to its full extent.

CADAICO just launched their token on May 15, 2024!

Stay tuned for more updates and more projects on the ONINO Incubator!

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