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April 26, 2024

ONINO April 2024 Newsletter

Explore ONINO's April 2024 newsletter to discover our latest updates, including community updates, event participation, and product updates. Stay informed about our client successes, platform developments, and upcoming initiatives in the dynamic world of blockchain technology.

ONINO April 2024 Newsletter

This is a repost of our newsletter. Don’t miss any more ONINO updates, register here:

ONINO April 2024 Newsletter

A lot has happened since the last newsletter - let’s jump right in!

This newsletter is a recap of the month of April!

April Community Update

Each first Monday of the month we hold our monthly ONINO community update. This is your chance to hear the latest & greatest about ONINO, where we answer all your questions and we have a great time together.

If you missed it, here’s April’s community update.

Our next community update is on the 6th of May at 8 PM CET in our Telegram Channel.


A big goal for the first months of the year 2024 was to bring ONINO “out there”. We have built our ecosystem during the last months, and now it’s time to show our products to the world!

Starting with the “ARRTist” in January, where we invited over 100 startup founders and industry experts to our office to talk about product development and sales.

Followed by the “KIT Innovators Homecoming” late January. This event was organized by the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), the university where we (Alexandre Lehr, Kai Firschau, Lukas Wipf - the ONINO Founders) studied and met. The goal was to bring founders and innovators together to strengthen the network.

Next, the “Road to Start Summit” where Alexandre Lehr pitched ONINO in front of >400 people in Stuttgart.

Then, the “South by Southwest (SXSW)” in Austin, Texas, USA. This is one of the biggest tech conferences in the world, bringing together innovators from all over the world to connect them, giving everyone the ability to learn about the latest and greatest and to build connections and partnerships.

ONINO was chosen as one of only a handful of startups to go to this conference with the German Delegation of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

Next up, the “START Summit” in St Gallen, Switzerland. This conference is organized only by students and we once again were invited to represent ONINO at the conference. We had the best spot for our stand, right in front of the main entrance!

The next event was the “Q-Summit” in Mannheim, Germany. This event is organized by the Mannheim University and gave us the opportunity to tap into the local network of companies, students and partners.

Last but not least, the “Paris Blockchain Week” in Paris, France. It is one of the biggest blockchain events and the most successful one for us. Three full days of spreading the word about ONINO, making meaningful connections with potential partners, customers and investors and so much more!

All in all, those events were extremely valuable to us. We were able to extend our network drastically, to validate our products, to spread the word about ONINO, gain insights in important market segments, prepare partnerships and customer projects and much more to come. We might have been a little more silent in the last weeks, but rest assured - we did not rest, we're accelerating more and more! Be prepared for many interesting things as a result of those events!

CADAICO Sale Success

We’re thrilled to report that our client CADAICO had a huge success with their Public Token Sale early this month!

They raised $500.000 in less than 6 hours through our ONINO Token Sale Framework.

CADAICO went through the ONINO Incubator where we supported the project from the idea until today, after the successful token sale. ONINO supported them from working on the idea, how to implement the blockchain technology, tokenomics, community building, up to the fully compliant white-label Token Sale Framework by ONINO.

Next, CADAICO will be continuing building their idea and will be amongst the first to launch a Sub-Chain on ONINO! It’s worth keeping an eye on them, there’s more to come. And there are many more projects in the pipeline of the ONINO Incubator. Follow us on our social media channels to make sure not to miss any news!

ONINO Developer Platform

During the events we visited we have noticed very high interest in our ONINO Developer Platform and are in talks with several potential new clients, as well as technical partners whose products can work together in symbiosis with the ONINO Developer Platform.

Additionally, on the different tech events we learned a lot about market needs of developers, agencies and companies and used these insights to sharpen our product focus. More to come in the next updates!

Based on user feedback and further market validation we are currently in the process of developing a major update to the ONINO platform. It will contain a completely new, simplified app structure, as well as optimized user flows. Also the update will contain a completely overhauled UI design, our Cloud IDE that allows to work with several smart contracts at the same time, and it will contain the V1 of the ONINO Smart Contract API that makes integration of smart contracts super easy, especially for Non-Web3-Native companies.

This update will also contain the upcoming “Pro Subscription” for the ONINO Platform, which contains premium smart contract templates, the ability to deploy on mainnets, as well as higher AI and API usage limits. Additionally, we will offer an enterprise plan that allows larger partners and clients to receive exactly the features they need, with customized pricing.

Try The ONINO Developer Platform

ONINO Incubator

As discussed in detail above, our client CADAICO recently had a huge success with their raise via our ONINO Token Sale Framework as part of the ONINO Incubator.

But that’s only the start - we already have the next customers in the pipeline. During the events in the last weeks, we found great demand for our solution. We met many founders - from startup to larger corporations - who were interested in launching tokenization projects based through the ONINO Incubator and its Tokenization Platform. Currently, we are in further talks regarding potential projects with many prospects we met at the conferences.

Based on these talks and insights, we are now broadening the focus of our ONINO Incubator and will include a Tokenization Platform. We will actively offer it as a tool for a broader range of tokenization use cases that go beyond start-ups and utility token Sales, such as tokenized Bonds, Real Estate and other RWAs.

From a technical side we are already working on optimizing our Tokenization Platform to be able to handle the onboarding of new customers even faster than before.

We’re convinced that the Tokenization Platform fits in greatly into the ONINO Ecosystem: new projects, offen non-web3-native, can easily get started and raise funds in the Blockchain World with our Incubator. Then, using our Developer Platform, they can then easily implement and integrate their blockchain solutions -  on our Network, and in the future even their own Subchain.

Blockchain Updates

As we were present at many in person events, the learnings generated from in-person meetings are crucial to translate them in a valuable roadmap. The engineering efforts for the ONINO Blockchain are currently focused on 3 main areas:

Sub-Chain development milestones
Our team has reached a significant milestone in the development of the first Sub-Chain implementation on the Testnet. The successful execution of the first native asset transfer between a Sub-Chain and the Main-Chain was a success. This step not only demonstrates the operational capabilities of our layered architecture, but also marks a critical step forward in our roadmap.

We are now moving on to the next phase of Sub-Chain implementation, which will bring improvements in functionality and efficiency. To ensure transparency and encourage community participation, we will work on releasing detailed public documentation outlining the technical aspects and capabilities of our Sub-Chain architecture.

Main-Chain client enhancements
Progress on the Main-Chain Node Client is continuing, with significant enhancements being integrated. These updates are critical to improving the stability, scalability, security and usability of the network + node client. Looking ahead, we are preparing for the open release of our Testnet Node Client. This release will allow developers and partners to engage directly with our technology, providing valuable feedback that will inform further refinements prior to the launch of our Mainnet.

Protocol security and audit
Security remains a top priority for ONINO. We have begun laying out the next steps with cyber security experts at Sayfer to conduct a comprehensive penetration test of our protocol. Testing includes 110 individual tests to ensure that our platform meets the highest standards of security and reliability. Achieving certification through these rigorous tests will solidify the trustworthiness and readiness of our technology for enterprise adoption.

PwC Raise

We’re happy to announce that ONINO was nominated and accepted for the “Raise” Program by PwC as one of only a handful startups from Germany.

The program helps elevate startups to the next level by working on key aspects. Specialists from PwC and many more partners help the company reach the next level, and PwC’s extensive network of partners is also a huge benefit to ONINO.

This marks the end of this newsletter, we hope you liked it! Let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to us on Telegram.

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