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December 21, 2023

ONINO Cloud Platform Release

ONINO launched its Cloud Platform on 21.12.2023. It is a platform that makes blockchain accessible to everyone by using a low-code approach supported by AI.

ONINO Cloud Platform Release

ONINO Cloud Platform: Empowering Blockchain Development

A New Era of Accessible Blockchain Solutions

The ONINO Cloud Platform is a low-code platform that enables everyone to use blockchain technology to create value. It is designed for both blockchain enthusiasts and beginners, and marks a significant step forward in blockchain accessibility. With a focus on low-code solutions and AI-assisted development, our platform is at the forefront of simplifying blockchain technology for a diverse range of users.

The ONINO Cloud Platform makes blockchain development easy through 4 steps:

  1. Ideation - find out how to use blockchain in your business
  2. Development - develop blockchain solutions in minutes
  3. Deployment - deploy your solution in a couple of clicks
  4. Integration - integrate your new solution into your existing environment

All those steps are supported through tailor-made AI assistants to make the process as seamless and low-code as possible.

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Initial Features (As of December 21st)

We are excited to launch the ONINO Cloud Platform with an early release. Please note that all features are still under rigorous testing, and we appreciate your understanding as we refine the platform. All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Here are some examples of what you can do:

The AI Assistant

The ONINO AI Assistant is an AI trained on specific ONINO information. It is your personal assistant from start to finish and helps you through the whole process of blockchain development.


The ONINO Cloud Platform enables you to use templates for multiple use cases. You can either choose from templates (free and premium templates) or create your own templates and offer them on the platform and earn revenue.

Project Management

Easily manage multiple projects in your ONINO Cloud Platform Account.

Simple Deployment

Simply deploy your applications to a choice of multiple testnets.

Explore the ONINO Cloud Platform Now!

Core Offerings:

  • Basic Free Smart Contract Templates: Jumpstart your blockchain journey with fundamental templates suitable for various use cases
  • AI-Assistant: A comprehensive guide for ideation, development, and deployment
  • Automated Documentation: Simplify your workflow with automated documentation for templates, contracts, and integrations
  • 1-Click Deployment: Easily deploy to multiple testnets including ONINO, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, and Polygon
  • Business Case Examples: Get inspired by a range of practical applications
  • Convenient Project Management: Manage your projects efficiently within the cloud platform
  • Online Code Editor: Develop directly within the platform for a seamless experience

This is not yet the full feature-set, we will be adding more and more features step by step. Your feedback will help us develop the best possible applications.

Upcoming Features:

As we forge ahead into a new era for ONINO, the ONINO Cloud Platform will introduce revolutionary features that make the use of blockchain technology much easier and cheaper. Also, we will enable builders to offer their own templates and earn revenue through our platform.

Upcoming Features:

  • 1-Click Node Deployment: Expected mid next year for various networks
  • 1-Click SubChain Deployment: Targeted by the end of 2024
  • No-Code Template Creation and Premium Templates: Continuous updates to enhance your development experience
  • Full Service Online Code Editor: Set to be fully functional by Q2 2024
  • File Management and Shared Team Workspace: Streamlining collaboration and organization, coming in 2024
  • 1-Click Full Stack dApp Deployment: Anticipated between Q2 and Q3 2024
  • And much more: Stay tuned for continuous advancements

Test, Explore, Innovate

As early adopters, your role is pivotal. We encourage you to:

  • Create and manage projects
  • Experiment with our templates and suggest new ones
  • Utilize the AI Assistant for custom solutions
  • Deploy to your preferred network
  • Provide feedback to help us evolve
Explore the ONINO Cloud Platform Now!

Why Choose the ONINO Cloud Platform?

As early adopters, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of this platform. Your insights, creativity, and feedback are the driving forces that will help us evolve and refine our offerings. We encourage you to dive deep into the capabilities of the ONINO platform.

The ONINO Cloud Platform stands out for its:

  • Low-Code Framework: Making blockchain accessible to all skill levels
  • Exceptional Developer Experience: Streamlined, intuitive, and efficient
  • Rapid Deployment Capabilities: From ideation to live deployment in minimal time
  • Comprehensive Solution Suite: Everything you need for blockchain development in one place
  • AI-Assisted Guidance: Support from concept to completion

Target Audience

Our primary focus is on building a community that embraces both seasoned and aspiring innovators in the blockchain space. We aim to engage a diverse audience, including Web3 developers who have a firm grasp of Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Simultaneously, we extend a warm welcome to beginners who are eager to embark on their blockchain journey, offering them a supportive platform to launch their first blockchain applications or tokens.

And the ONINO Cloud Platform is also tailored to companies that do not want to hire huge teams of developers to develop their blockchain solutions.

A Work in Progress

Remember, the ONINO Cloud Platform is in its early stages – think of it as a beta version. We're committed to perfecting our platform and value your feedback immensely.

Use Blockchain - the easy way!

Experience the ONINO Cloud Platform and be a part of shaping the future of blockchain technology. Your insights and contributions are key to our growth and improvement.

Explore the ONINO Cloud Platform Now!

Your Team ONINO

Ready to innovate?

Realize the full potential of blockchain technology with ONINO. Enter a world of advanced features and seamless integration designed for developers. Partner with ONINO to innovate, develop and lead in the blockchain space. Your next groundbreaking application starts here.

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