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January 31, 2024

ONINO January 2024 Newsletter

Find out about ONINO's latest and greatest: this is what happened in January 2024!

ONINO January 2024 Newsletter

A lot has happened since the last newsletter - let’s jump right in!

January Community Update

As you know, each first Monday of the month we have our monthly ONINO community update. This is where you hear about the latest & greatest about ONINO, where we answer all your questions and it’s time to have a great time together.

If you missed it, here’s January’s community update.

Our next community update is on the 5th of February at 8 PM CET.

ONINO Testnet | One Month In

In the realm of blockchain, efficiency is key. We are excited to report that our blockchain is running stable without downtimes and all metrics look great so far. The network maintains an average transaction fee of sub 0.00001$ in the current environment. Coupled with an impressive average block time of just 1.5 seconds, our testnet demonstrates not only high performance but also reliability and scalability, essential qualities for any modern blockchain solution. These numbers can be expected to fluctuate with increasing load but are a great starting point for us to align our upcoming development efforts.

More Information About The ONINO Testnet

ONINO Cloud Platform | Updates & Numbers!

We launched the ONINO Cloud Platform - a platform for easy blockchain development - a little over a month ago.

Since the launch, we have released two significant updates:

  1. The December Cloud Platform Update
  2. The January Cloud Platform Update

The two updates included minor bug fixes, UI & UX improvements, new templates and new functionality.

Now, let’s have a look at some numbers. Since the launch, we have:

  • +700 signed up users
  • +500 created projects

We assume that 40% of these projects are actively being built on, based on the activity data. This level of engagement is a great starting point for us to improve further on our offerings.

Try The ONINO Cloud Platform

Development | Next Steps

Our commitment to make blockchain more accessible stays strong and our development efforts are aligned with our vision. Here are the exciting developments on the horizon:

Enhanced Cloud Platform

We are working to further improve our cloud platform with advanced development features, extensive toolsets, and comprehensive SDKs. These enhancements aim to streamline the development process, making it more intuitive and accessible.

Sub-Chain Functionality Tests

The next phase will see us delving into extensive testing of our sub-chain functionalities. This is a crucial step towards providing more personalized and efficient blockchain solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Protocol Enhancements

We are in the process of implementing protocol changes based on our current testnet obersvations. These modifications are designed to bolster the security and efficiency of our platform, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of blockchain technology.

Stress Testing

To ensure our network can withstand the demands of the real world, rigorous stress testing is on our agenda. Especially after implementing changes, this will help us identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities, guaranteeing a robust and reliable protocol.

Comprehensive Protocol Audit

Following the implementation of these changes, a thorough audit of our protocol will be conducted. This step is vital in ensuring the integrity and security of our platform, reaffirming our commitment to providing a trusted and transparent blockchain solution.

As we continue on this exciting journey, your feedback and participation are invaluable to us. We invite you to stay engaged, experiment, and help us improve our offerings!

ONINO is now a GmbH

After starting ONINO more than two years ago, we wanted to renew and intensify the commitment we as founders have toward ONINO by making ONINO a GmbH.

For the non-germans: A GmbH is like a US LLC with a registered capital of at least €25.000.

This means that we, the three founders Kai, Lukas and Alexandre are now more invested and dedicated than ever.

ONINO joins the “Bundesblock”

ONINO has joined the “Bundesblock”, or the German Blockchain Association, a dedicated network and advocacy group for blockchain technology in Germany. It comprises diverse members, including start-ups, companies, and blockchain enthusiasts, all committed to promoting and developing blockchain technology nationwide.

This gives ONINO the opportunity to take part in important discussions about the future of blockchain in Germany!

Don’t miss any more ONINO updates, register here:

Test The ONINO Testnet
Test The ONINO Cloud Platform

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