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December 1, 2023

ONINO June Newsletter

Discover the latest updates from ONINO in their June newsletter. Learn about ONINO's progress in blockchain development, success in tokenized fundraising, and providing opportunities for participation in token sales. Contact ONINO for more information on initiatives and goals.

ONINO June Newsletter

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ONINO June Newsletter

A lot has happened for ONINO last month, so let’s jump right in - here is what you missed:

Blockchain Development Update

The team is well on track in our development roadmap. We are preparing everything to transition into the public testnet phase for the EVM-compatible application layer, which is where the current focus is lying.

Onboarding of Partners, Pilot Projects, and Applications to the EVM compatible Application Layer is being prepared and actively engaged.

The next step is to continue working on our WASM Virtual Machine integration on top of our Application Layer infrastructure.

The ONINO Dashboard

While we have our hands complete with developing our blockchain and managing our tokenized fundraising customers, we are still working on the ONINO Dashboard in the background as best we can.

We are currently in the process of a complete refactoring. Based on the experience gained in the last months in the field and the latest technical developments, we are completely rewriting the core of the ONINO Dashboard.

This will result in strong performance improvements, significantly faster calculation of portfolio data, and almost guaranteed security against wrongly displayed values and spam tokens.

Stay tuned!

Try the ONINO Dashboard

Tokenized Fundraising

In the last newsletter, we already told you about our success of closing 3 customers for our tokenized fundraising service.

With the Tokenized Fundraising service, we help companies raise money through tokenization and focus on utility tokens and German companies for now.

This marks the first step of our early Onigraph customer onboarding as we expect to migrate the majority of the projects to the Onigraph once it has launched.

Since last month, we have proceeded to have two more companies which we will most likely sign deals with soon. We’re starting to talk to more and more companies, and not just young companies but also medium sized and big companies in Germany.

Everyone from the ONINO community will be allowed to participate in the token sales for those fundraises - if you want to participate and to get more information about this, please e-mail

General Information

ONINO is starting to get in touch with many more companies outside of the typical crypto & blockchain world.

In May, our CEO Alexandre Lehr presented ONINO at Heidelberger Erfolgsimpulse and talked with banks and other innovative branches about how ONINO can help fund the next generation of startups through tokenized fundraising.

We are still very much on track with all our goals & the roadmap - blockchain development, tokenized fundraising projects, having a net positive 2023.

Reach out if you want more information, we’re happy to talk.

This marks the end of our June newsletter.

As always, thank you for following our progress. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Your Team ONINO

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